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The deck used to win the North American Nationals tournament in Hammergirl Anime.
288.23 285 testplaying 【8-1】 80 participants
Neo Standard - Local - 9 April, 2016 - Avignon (France) 5th place Player : Christophe F. Not the final build, PR 500 global on the way from Japan
284.99 368 testplaying 【1 - 2】 8 participants
account_circleCharlie Sheen
11 testplaying 【9000-0】 Yugi and Kaiba participants
10 testplaying 【6-0】 32 participants
1211.41 15 testplaying

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have a Hecate themed Waifu deck but wanted to improve it, this is the current testbuild. any advice is always welcome so after testing found that the lvl 2 encore cx combo was always advantageous, while lvl 3 hecate was too pricey, and rather have one stock extra to play a big card rather than extra cards in hand so cut that cx for a more reasonable 3/3/2 split between the climaxes. will miss the draw trigger but its a small sacrifice. am considering to just remove the lvl 3 hecate entirely in favour of another kazumi and prolly another lvl 0 since my vl 1 game is turning out fairly stock heavy so i need that full field attack on lvl 0
192.38 1 testplaying
1 testplaying
343.87 93 testplaying
371.82 87 testplaying
just brainstorming
251.12 55 testplaying
418.96 1 testplaying