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Transferred this from my first profile (I may or may not have lost the Edit Key for it...oops). I actually really like this deck. Its very consistent, and a lot of fun to pilot.
92 testplaying 【3-0】 9 participants
3rd Place Bushiroad World Championship Series 2017 Spring Circuit Regional USA, California, Long Beach 2017 July 2nd, Sunday 91 Participants 6 Round Swiss Top Cut 8 Swiss: Round 1: (W) BYE (Shop Challenge) Round 2: (W) Log Horizon (R/B) Round 3: (W) Kantai Collection (Y/G - Shimakaze) Round 4: (W) Love Live! (B/G/R) Round 5: (W) Attack on Titan (R/Y) Round 6: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Top Cut 8: Quarter Finals: (W) Sword Art Online (Y/B/R - Invites/Switch) Semi-Finals: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Bronze Match: (W) Idolm@ster Cinderella (R/B) Final Placement: 3rd
336.36 67 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss, Top Cut 8 into 3rd Place】 91 participants
Neo Standard - Local - 7/02/2016 - Lyon (France) 3rd place Player : Yohan R.
266.23 302 testplaying 【0-0】 13 participants
Deck name: "Homura did nothing wrong (kappa)" This deck went undefeated in the eight rounds of swiss prior to the cut to top 8, where it ended up winning against the 8th place Love Live deck, losing against the 1st place Sword Art Online deck, and losing against the 3rd place Madoka Magica deck. The final record was 9-2 by the end of the tournament, resulting in the 4th place award.
793.07 195 testplaying 【9-2】 258 participants
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