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account_circleKuro D. Xephiroth
151 testplaying 【6-1】 284 participants
El deck se enfoca en la compresión para generar una mayor cantidad de escenarios en donde el jugador pueda cancelar el daño, además utiliza mucho el brainstorm de silica para generar +1 y siempre tener una buena cantidad de recursos.
430.07 128 testplaying 【6.1】 284 participants
account_circleEuan Mitchell
38 testplaying 【4-2】 23 participants
played against: -JP Nisekoi (Weapon) -JP Fate (Rin - Saber - etc) -JP KC (Abyssals) -EN AoT (Mikasa - Eren)
256.58 146 testplaying 【4-0】 24 participants
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Level zero's are pretty much just there for tech/power at that level. Would rather less yellow cards at level zero, but would rather more yellow cards overall, but this seemed to be the best compromise for colour balancing. Will probably change in future, but for now this'll have to do. Main idea at level one is to use the 'Nanami Yasuri, Weak yet Genius'. 'Princess Yousha' has encore so can stick around if that's an issue, and 'Japan's Strongest Swordsman, Hakuhei Sabi' can brainstorm for power and soul, which beside the obvious can get anything you need into waiting room there. The idea at level two is to use the 'Togame, Last directive' change. 'Emonzaemon, Masked Man' acts as an assassin ( ironically ). Two of the 'Togame & Shichika, Under the Cheery Blossom Storm' are in fact supposed to be a promo I can't see listed called 'Katana Collection Journey, Togame and Shichika' which is the same but instead has 8000 power and character from hand encore. These three are just there for power, and not quite sure how many of each to run yet. Level three is just there for general level three power, but if you can get the 'Nanami Yasuri' climax combo off, if your opponent has a lot of level two in their front row that's super helpful. Any improvements are welcome.
46 testplaying
A deck dedicated to the greatest Meguca ever, Mami Tomoe. Mami is on every card, and that is the way it should be. No matter if you win or lose, you know you are getting your message across that Mami is the damn best Meguca and best character in anime! The deck is mostly under $50, and if you proxy the expensive things, it can be like only $25. Please Comment if you have any suggestions! Please note that this deck is constantly under minor changes so that it can be the best it can be, for Mami!
234.04 107 testplaying
Just a random SAO deck made by me to test out.
390.43 24 testplaying
286.36 14 testplaying
401.82 18 testplaying
246.74 31 testplaying