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The deck that took 6th Place in Magic Stronghold's Shop Challenge.
334.82 113 testplaying 【3-2】 15 participants
Played by Matthew Mead - UK COPY FROM /deck/47268/
558.64 410 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss】 40 participants
The deck that took 6th Place in Craving for a Game's Shop Challenge.
301.87 37 testplaying 【3-2】 16 participants
get early plays lvl 3 and swing
390.83 77 testplaying 【5-1】 74 participants

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Tae 3/2 is the strongest card of the set, so hold into events and pants cx and be careful about anti-early. Trigger standby, though it does not give soul, is in most cases extremely powerful, putting 1/1 6k-7k5 at lvl 0, then level assist or 2/2. It's like a field fix without paying cost. The deck can be improved a lot (struggle hand fixing), is very slow on the beginning, does not make much stock, but it will catch up thanks to the power most decks cant deal with and the fact little damage enters more easily. Also scry + heal = eternal stall Nit sure on the level 3 or better early game options
298.53 61 testplaying
but at the same time i'm not entirely sure
224.43 59 testplaying
451.52 82 testplaying
Added a bit of a twist to the Project Krone deck..
1453.04 109 testplaying
Haruka is my waifu so I had to build this. Very fun to play, and many outplays possible with this deck. You can move your -1soul, and powerboost your clockkick to infinity. Yukichi can save you a game, especially against nisekoi and milky holmes. Anti-startup kills antichange and brainstorm for a turn, symphogear does not like this. Field is not so hard to master, haruka 1/0 needs only 2 other haruka/kanata, and 1/1 kanata needs 3 (hardest). You can't powerboost riki, but it's not a problem. Kanata 3/2 can exchange with haruka/kanata/riki so it's strong. You can't salvage riki with the brainstorm salvage, so be careful, sometimes you really want to do it to clock blue next turn, but you can't. Color priority : greentoplay > redtoplay(lvl2) > blue > red > green. 4 brainstorm because if I play 3 I can't seem to draw them. 1 is spammable, can save a bad compression and help early summon kanata 3/2. 2/2 is here to close games if I somehow can't clockshoot. Even without it I would still play the climax, so it's ok even if I use it 1 game out of 15.
361.09 54 testplaying
271.70 89 testplaying