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360.59 85 testplaying 【6-2】 19 participants
Extremely Underrated but powerful 4 colored Steins gate deck build that is relatively cheap to build at lowest rarity 9 cards that heal, Early plays and standby climax to put in play higher level cards 2 climax combos that both combo with 2 cards and thus options for lvl 1 pressure early with early play faris and finish with moeka lvl 3s that are on attack burn, Even though there are 4 colours, surprisingly you are able to get the colours you need to play the deck as the deck is able to adapt extremely well based on what is in your hand. First round - Hello Happy World (Bang dream) Second round - Megumin (Kono Suba English) Third round - LLSS (Standby Gate)
793.59 27 testplaying 2 comments 【3-0】 9 participants
Deck name: "Homura did nothing wrong (kappa)" This deck went undefeated in the eight rounds of swiss prior to the cut to top 8, where it ended up winning against the 8th place Love Live deck, losing against the 1st place Sword Art Online deck, and losing against the 3rd place Madoka Magica deck. The final record was 9-2 by the end of the tournament, resulting in the 4th place award.
919.66 288 testplaying 【9-2】 258 participants
I had the original deck list posted months ago but I can't get access to my original account with the deck build. I have remade the deck on this new account. Deck focuses on Eren at level 1. The deck is very good at forcing your opponent to lose their reverse search/salvage combos. Very consistent with a lot of level 0 utility cards. It's all about getting there and building up to level 3 with To Seize Freedom Mikasa. I went undefeated with this build at SpringFest in Atlanta. #DoItforHer #MobilityGearOutofDepression
533.25 7 testplaying 【6-0】 Frank Pagan, Beenly Khoum, Enrique Morales participants

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