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The deck that took 6th Place in Magic Stronghold's Shop Challenge.
334.82 88 testplaying 【3-2】 15 participants
Neo Standard Local 25/03/2016 - Odivelas (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Beatriz Reis (The deck is still in construction)
212.02 198 testplaying 【2-1】 5 participants
3rd Place Bushiroad World Championship Series 2017 Spring Circuit Regional USA, California, Long Beach 2017 July 2nd, Sunday 91 Participants 6 Round Swiss Top Cut 8 Swiss: Round 1: (W) BYE (Shop Challenge) Round 2: (W) Log Horizon (R/B) Round 3: (W) Kantai Collection (Y/G - Shimakaze) Round 4: (W) Love Live! (B/G/R) Round 5: (W) Attack on Titan (R/Y) Round 6: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Top Cut 8: Quarter Finals: (W) Sword Art Online (Y/B/R - Invites/Switch) Semi-Finals: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Bronze Match: (W) Idolm@ster Cinderella (R/B) Final Placement: 3rd
336.36 131 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss, Top Cut 8 into 3rd Place】 91 participants
3 - 1 locals, 10 participants. Win - Colossal Titan (AoT) Win - Fate/SN UBW Vol 1 Knights Oath Lose - Beacon of Hope Asuna Win - Fate/SN UBW Vol 2 Gilgamesh Burn with F/Z King of All creation.
242.62 269 testplaying 【3 - 1】 10 participants
Winner Decks
264.63 136 testplaying
Winner Decks
436.52 241 testplaying

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231.63 92 testplaying
COPY FROM /deck/39517/
368.89 47 testplaying
655.15 49 testplaying
I don't actually know what I'm doing here lmao
344.63 129 testplaying
312.60 51 testplaying
Decided to try a new set, and ended up with this. Any improvements would be welcome, in particular if you think more or less of the level zero 'Puyo' 's are required.
290.03 74 testplaying