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400.02 133 testplaying 【8-1】 Steve Chu participants
Every game lost I got 4+ climaxes before turn 2. Deck needs a good way to ditch more climaxes and a faster way to mill without burning through stock. Praying for Ordinal Scale. Overall great tournament, deck did well against AOT except during the finals.
388.67 19 testplaying 【4-1 (1-2 top cut)】 50 participants
The deck used to win the North American Nationals tournament in Hammergirl Anime.
263.25 339 testplaying 【8-1】 80 participants
423.76 163 testplaying 【5-3】 24 participants

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232.47 8 testplaying
Testing build
581.19 18 testplaying
Vocaloid F and F 2nd. Decent Level 0 game, Level 1 can either soul rush or hit high numbers (11,000ish), Level Two you can you Dreaming Panda to hit certain numbers or you can try to drop the Level 3 Len at 5 or less cards in deck. Overall very fun and definitely worth playing!
180.93 174 testplaying 1 comments
361.82 18 testplaying
684.44 15 testplaying
account_circleSilica a good
259.49 47 testplaying