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This deck is very very glass cannon. 11th during 2016 springfest and won a bunch of locals with top 4 but this was when I went undefeated. Dont recommend to anyone unless you love Titans as much as me
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Neo Standard - Local - 21/02/2016 - Saint Etienne (France) 2nd place Player : Anthony BRAGE
134 testplaying 【3-1】 17 participants
Neo Standard - WGP 2016 - 16/10/2016 - Lyon (France) 8th place Player : Elbert J. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERVIEW French : English : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR COMMENTS Red PR was a mistake, it's a terrible card and I hate myself for playing it. I finally understood why I'm a disappointment for my parents, and I'm glad they miraculously decided against disowning me. I hope the guy that coded the WS tournament software wasn't so lucky. I already made this deck in ws-decks but didn't want to modify it to include this piece of shit card, so I'm making a new one. +2 soul is overrated. Went 5-1 in Swiss rounds, then lost at the first match of top 8. We decided to continue playing to determine top 5 - 8 and I got destroyed, showing that I definitely did not have enough foil cards in my deck.
894.68 54 testplaying 【5-1】 56 participants
The deck used in Worlds in Japan to take 5th Place.
692 testplaying 【2-1】 10 participants
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You can't look at me. Worms can only look at the ground when they die, like the worms they are.
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accel-chan waifu
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Build stock at lvl 0-1 to cover for immense stock usage from chiyuri. Play endurance, Niko lvl 3 for field presence and fill hand back up. Play Chibi fuuko at lvl 3 with scarlet rain to deal precise damage.
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