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Posted here in case Bushiroad decides to fudge up the deck list again.
account_circleRudro Ghoshal
296.20 274 testplaying 【8-0 (after 8 rounds Swiss)】 ~140 participants
account_circleBob the builder
21 testplaying 【3-0】 8 participants
The deck that took 3rd Place in Craving for a Game's Shop Challenge.
206.68 145 testplaying 【4-2】 16 participants
This was my first deck that I built since Weiss Schwarz emerged in the English playing card community. It has never let me down as it has placed 3rd in locals, 2nd at a special SAO-themed tournament, and it is now a back-to-back top 8 finalist (2016, 2017). The deck has numerous abilities that allow the player to manipulate resources at will. Edit 1: Swap out <<Beast Tamer>> Silica for Adventure with Everyone, Silica Edit 2: Swap out Cornered, Silica for Silica on Guard
220.04 204 testplaying 2 comments 【5-1】 133 participants

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migth run a split of brainstorms (megumin/kazuma), but ltrying this for now
308.98 2 testplaying
I Have to find room for the promo level 1 backup
226.13 138 testplaying
1 testplaying
323.27 14 testplaying
Basic Kiznaiver deck I received. No idea how good it is yet.
259.37 108 testplaying
Mono-Greenish Corpse deck. Seems fun.
239.36 8 testplaying