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Deck is pretty simple to play. Use Kazuma to get wind trigger into hand if needed, use level 1 combo to maintain handsize and focus on grabbing cards you can play next turn. Try and have at least 1 Vanir or Masked Darkness in hand by level 2. If you hit level 3 and have the stock soul climax use the level 3 darkness combo or triple field vanir and hope to change into 3 masked darkness to survive following turn with her scry. Use stock souls throughout the game to build stock as Vanir/Masked Darkness is your end game focus. Use early play Aqua as needed to stay at level 2 as long as possible.
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tried to go for a consistent LL deck and went 5-1 in swiss before getting a game loss in t8 for damaged oversleeves :p please pay attention to ratios and probability, don't akatsuki just because you can etc
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Miku Power burn !!!
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My take on the "shell" of the G/Y meta kancolle build. Taking out some things to make my own variation of it instead. This has an emphasis getting Shimakaze big enough to get over most level 1 walls that may come over her. Level 0 uses good ole Hatsukaze for global and anti-salvage, Akatsuki for Akatsuki and Tokitsukaze for spammable brainstorm. Clumsy to get Shimakaze or Amatsukaze, or if you have them already, get Chitose instead, Ashigara last choice. Hayashimo and Hatsushimo are your 0 beaters and given how many level 2s and 3s in this deck, there's a good chance that Hatsushimo just doesn't die. She's got GUTS! Level 1 mains Shimakaze and Amatsukaze as your beaters. Climax for Shimakaze and get either some Level 2/3 stuff or Ashigara. Shimakaze can get up to 9k if you have Hatsukaze, Chitose in back and climax power to herself. 7k without the climax on defense, you should have Change Chitose into Chitose-Ko-Kai-Ni and her global 1k boost to everything along with a Hatsukaze will be a nice global 1.5k. She'll be a 6.5k easily and with Ashigara counter, again, 9k. Or 8k and give the 1000 extra to some other fleet girl. Level 1s focus is searching cards out and staying strong on the field. Level 2 mains Junyou-Kai-Ni and Takao. If you can afford the life for encore or have low stock, or if you know your opponent can get over 10k at level 2 then go for Junyou-Kai-Ni. She'll be a 9.5k on her own with some survivability. Conversely, If you are dominating in stock/power and know your opponent can't get over 10k then go for Takao. If she's in middle of center, full of allies, she's 10,5k with 2 soul. Unlike Junyou-Kai-Ni, she keeps her power on offense and defense and with backstage Hatsukaze and definitely Chitose-Ko-Kai-Ni in back, she's even bigger. The Ryujo is meant to be a dark horse of sorts. You'll definitely have fodder cards in hand, like some 0s you don't want or need or climaxes, so use them to feed this Ryujo. She can easily assassinate early plays with 2 hand cards being a 15k then before considering backstage or just 1 hand card for 11.5k. She's meant to take out things that anything in the rest of the deck can't reach over. The event is more an insurance card. Since power is easy to get in this deck, you can be stockpiling your level 3s and still play your level 2s fine enough. With this card you can get power, reverse enemies and build more stock. Great for when you get soul rushed and couldn't properly do anything at level 1, or you went too crazy with stock and want to get back some of your losses. Like playing Takao and she gets punched in the face by something really hard. Level 3 is the typical Akagi-Kai and Musashi. Mostly Akagi-Kai. If somehow you don't get the climaxes in hand then Musashi can pick up the slack a little Other ideas: I thought about using Hatsuharu-Kai-Ni, using her to kill things and debuff other things for allies to get easier kills. (like Shimakaze) but back then, the deck was running Chiyoda and Chiyoda-Ko-Kai-Ni. She stock-charges and gave 1.5k Assist boost with anti-salvage for power. But when I switched to Chitose instead, who gives 1.5k when rested, I dropped Hatsuharu-Kai-Ni from it
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Persona deck
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R/G build of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. Has pretty good success rate. Would like some tips to make this deck better as it is my go-to deck for most things. UPDATE: Possible L3 edits in the comments! Probably better if this stays and I don't make a second deck page, lol. [English build]
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