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Hey guys! This is Cameron Becker with my Top 8 deck profile for Nisekoi (R/B/G). The deck profile can also be found on my YouTube channel: Here are the match-ups that I had: Round 1: Sword Art Online (W) Round 2: Nisekoi (R/B/G) mirror (W) Round 3: Attack on Titan (Corps) (W) Round 4: Attack on Titan (Mono-Blue Titans) (L) Round 5: Nisekoi (R/B) (W) Round 6: Kantai Collection (W) Round 7: Kantai Collection (W) Top 8: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls (Mono-Blue) (L) I know Springfest 2016 was quite a while ago, but I figured I would post this anyway. I'm always working on different deck profiles for Nisekoi, so any comments, questions, or recommendations are welcome!
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Neo Standard - Local - 21/02/2016 - Saint Etienne (France) 2nd place Player : Adrian Peyrat
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The goal of this deck is to say "I love Emilia" everytime you play the combo, which means as many times as possible in the game, then play strong early plays that make you win if the opponent cant kill them. The Ram/rem trap 0 and the topcheck 2 1/0 Emilia are maybe underesimated cards, they really help filter your hand throughout all the game, from getting the book climax to your freefresh felt. The series principal defaults are the lack of power reach and of decisive finishers, so you want to play a stall game until Emilia or Felt are ready to kill. This version is actually capable of paying the rest counter and still have 2 stocks left to prepare finishers, thanks to stock soul. I don't believe the Ram combo is worth playing in the meta build. Win VS Railgun R/G, LLS R/B, PsychoPass R/B, Symphogear Y/R/G and lose twice against Rewrite KKK both in rounds and finals (due to hard to manage circustumances like taking 8 after refresh 8/25, not having 3 other caractes for Emilia, or having 2 brainstorms in stock and 6 cards in deck left blocking the freefresh option, even though i cancelled so many times) Thanks to Fabrice and Marius for lending me some cards (containing rikis) before the tournament ! ... Ore wa Emilia ga suki da.
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Standard English TLR List minus Puchi Mikan because money. Match Results Round 1 - Bye Round 2 - Love Live - Win Round 3 - Love Live - Win Round 4 - Attack on Titan (Corps) - Win Top 4 Round 1 - Attack on Titan (Titans) - Win Finals - Attack on Titan (Corps) - Win Round 1 As this tournament was at my locals I played against a lot of friends but we had some people from out of town show up as well. I decided what I was going to play via dice roll. The options were Fire Sisters, SAO, Attack on Titan, Project Diva, and obviously this. Seems like the dice wanted me to win today. Bushiroad also decided I wanted to win today as the pairing program gave the worst person to give the bye to round 1, Neat. Round 2 I played against an Eli Waifu love live build. My opponent actually decided his deck the same way as me, his choices were Kantai and Love Live, the dice weren't as nice to him as the were to me. I actually started the game out pretty bad as I had to skip turn 2 as I had no level 0's in hand somehow. Unfortunately my opponent was unable to punish that and I stabilized as I hit level 1. Match proceeds as normal as TLR would preform until early level 2 were my opponent stock trolls me turn after turn via “A Present for You” Eli Ayase. I wanna say he cycled a total of at least 5 climaxes into my stock and was able to get a big hit in. to push me to about 2/5. Unfortunately it was already too late for my opponent and I was able to kill him before he leveled me to 3. Round 3 I was against some sort of standard Love live build. I hate Idols so I never took the time to research what any of the cards actually do. Match was pretty even with nothing exciting happening and I end the game with triple Yami, Yay. Round 4 I played against what I would call close to what the new meta Attack on Titan build would be. The build heavily focuses around abusing the combination of Mobility Gear and Christa to deny on reverse plus combo's. My opponent also used the Mikasa 1/0 change into the 2/2 as another means of denying on reverse abilities. (This was in fact effective against me since you know, no $30 promo in the deck). Level 0 was a standard game but my opponent either had a bad hand or decided to not commit to the board when he leveled up as he only had the 1/1 Sasha and the Eren brainstorm on field. I'm holding a lot of Mikan plus combo's in hand and 2 gold bars so I attempt to bait out a mobility gear and keep the rest for plussing for the following turn. The bait is successful and I've burned 1 of the mobility gear. Match proceeds in a traditional manor and im able to get a decent lead in damage over my opponent. Early level 2 my hand starts to get a bit low but I'm set up for level 3 with 3 Yami's. I moved anti salvage up front to direct attack the previous turn and my opponent makes a grave mistake and salvages with a gate trigger on his first attack as he didn't realized anti salvage was still on the board. This gives me a whole turn of advantage in tempo. I then proceed to misplay the living hell out of the following turn, almost drop the lead, and almost lose in 1 turn. I clock my brainstorm and draw into all but 1 of my remaining climaxes. I then move my 1/1 Yami up and instead of crashing it direct attack with it leaving a reverse target on the board. I get hit from like 2-3 to 3-5 and im able to cancel on the Levi restand and survive. Down comes triple Yami for the victory. Top 4 Match I play against another local who's playing Blue Titans. I hate this matchup. The deck has its obvious weaknesses but standard TLR doesn't have a real potent answer to them outside of early compressing or the red Anti Change counter. Match starts out with Me turn 1 and my opponent playing 3 clone Titans turn 2, fun. Don't draw into and search or filter options to deal with them so I side attack and take some damage on the back swing to level, fun. I somehow get 3 Mikan's in hand and proceed to search for the level 3 slayer in the slim chance that my opponent wont get backups or the climax he needs in hand when he finally drops titan head. I somehow luck out and I'm actually able to kill the head. Match proceeds as normal and I Double Yami into Anti damage and then swing for 2 to win. Finals The Attack on Titan Corps player gets a Salty runback against me and wont make the same mistakes again, but neither will I. Match proceeds as standard as it gets with me only getting 1 or so searches off a turn do to all the mobility gears and Christa's. When I get to level 3 I'm somehow only able to get 1 Yami in hand so I use her to dig for a climax and send her to the backrow since I'm just at 3-0. I survive the turn and draw into another Yami that draws into the climax. Pro Strats. Double Yami is enough to get the job done and I win the Tournament, yay.
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aaaaaaa end of fate is so baaaaaad also i have like 0 blue l3s h e l p
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