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This deck is very very glass cannon. 11th during 2016 springfest and won a bunch of locals with top 4 but this was when I went undefeated. Dont recommend to anyone unless you love Titans as much as me
63 testplaying 【4-0】 18 participants
I got second at this Tournament. The deck did me well , Find me on the Foreign Weiss Facebook page!
account_circleMMG Vanguard
119 testplaying 【3-1】 14 participants
tournament deck in sydney
460.60 85 testplaying 【5-1】 57 participants
Funny deck, based on burn Kotori Level 2 and 3 . And Rin for refresh my Oppenent.
230.99 203 testplaying 【4-0】 13 participants
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I bet a friend I could beat him with a straight Armin deck. **Still testing different cards out
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Just a test deck.
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request mz boen
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