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Autumn shop challenge 1st by Tiago COPY FROM /deck/35458/
316.12 65 testplaying 【3-1】 13 participants
Neo Standard Local 10/04/2016 - Odivelas (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Sara Guerreiro
307.89 186 testplaying 【3-0】 8 participants
I did my best
86 testplaying 【5-2】 99 participants
Well, I went 6-0 with this (technically 5-0 because I had a bye card and used it). During quarterfinals, I took a lethal five, so that's that. I was the top seed too... Basically, the deck centers around Sasha and Christa being on the front row and denying the opponent's advantage combos. Come L2, you'll just change to Mikasa or if the opponent has an early play, respond with Eren. The one-ofs are just for fun, since I've realized that I had too many events on my previous list. The 2/1 Sasha was a really good tech-in, so my opponents kinda panicked when they saw it, but it isn't really a threat. Based on my experience, you wouldn't have stock problems until L3, so if you have stock problems, it would probably be you got rushed, or you played your cards wrong.
336.96 116 testplaying 【6-1】 98 participants
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311.78 257 testplaying
Winner Decks
471.83 154 testplaying

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This deck is pretty much a Haruka deck with stuff to make the deck run better. Not too bad, but dies really easily to anti-retrieve haha.
865.29 60 testplaying
244.92 326 testplaying
#PrayToMill3Sweets - Could probably make this a bit better but I doubt I'll be bothered changing it any time soon. Level 0 runner thing is absolute garbage lmao.
220.83 55 testplaying
419.86 52 testplaying
Blue/Green KOF focusing on the Heal 2 Event and Ash Trait 3
47 testplaying
Stock and level as many lvl 0 cards as possible so lvl 3 Burn Archer has a higher chance of dealing damage. Play GDfaD Rin only if you have enough stock to burn and have probably 2-3 climaxes in waiting room. Caladbolg system to mill through deck if needed.
300.16 37 testplaying