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deck im@s cinderella red/blue asterisk version 1.1 with modifications and another testing...2 place in tournament (5 rounds with top 8 elimination)...and fun to play..i
638.57 127 testplaying 【5-3】 44+ participants
tried to go for a consistent LL deck and went 5-1 in swiss before getting a game loss in t8 for damaged oversleeves :p please pay attention to ratios and probability, don't akatsuki just because you can etc
540.28 27 testplaying 【5-1】 41 participants
Author: myself, the deck I used for Springfest Anaheim 2016 at Anaheim Convention Center Round 1: Love Live (W) Round 2: Cinderella Girls (L) Round 3: Sword Art Online (W) Round 4: Modoka Magica (W) Round 5: Bakemonogatari (W) Round 6: Sword Art Online (W) Round 7: Log Horizon (W) Round 8: Sword Art Online (W) Top 8 Cut Round 9: Angel Beats (W) Round 10: Sword Art Online(W) Round 11: Attack on Titan (L) Comments or Questions go for it. Using this webpage as a reminder for stuff.
180 testplaying 2 comments 【9-2】 196 participants
Deck name: "Homura did nothing wrong (kappa)" This deck went undefeated in the eight rounds of swiss prior to the cut to top 8, where it ended up winning against the 8th place Love Live deck, losing against the 1st place Sword Art Online deck, and losing against the 3rd place Madoka Magica deck. The final record was 9-2 by the end of the tournament, resulting in the 4th place award.
793.07 179 testplaying 【9-2】 258 participants
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