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Neo Standard Local 25/03/2016 - Odivelas (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Beatriz Reis (The deck is still in construction)
212.02 229 testplaying 【2-1】 5 participants
This deck is very very glass cannon. 11th during 2016 springfest and won a bunch of locals with top 4 but this was when I went undefeated. Dont recommend to anyone unless you love Titans as much as me
213.83 89 testplaying 【4-0】 18 participants
Spring Circuit PH top 4, went 5-1 swiss only loss was due to double loss against SAO. Couldn't find the Sinon PR here so I replaced it with Newlywed Life. In the future I might swap out the 1/0 Lizbeths with the 1/0 clock encore Sinon, just have to manage the colors well going into level 1.
411.82 141 testplaying 【6-3】 98 participants
Neo Standard - Meisters Project 2 - 24/04/2016 - Toulouse (France) 3rd place Player : Adrian P.
398.08 221 testplaying 【0 - 0】 8 participants
398.59 215 testplaying

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