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The deck that took 2nd Place in Play n Trade Abbotsford's EN Shop Challenge.
113 testplaying 【4-2】 11 participants
Well, you know. I just edited the name and the details of this decklist. Apparently, it's good enough to go 5-0 in Swiss then cut to Top 8 (I know, ~150 players and only 5 rounds of Swiss. It's really weird.) Then, I choked on my Top 8 match. Nice, very nice. Oh yeah, they didn't even bother to tell us 5th-8th placers what places were we supposed to be, so don't ask me what exact place I landed on the Top 8.
342.44 123 testplaying 【5-1】 ~150 participants
W vs KanColle W vs Charlotte W vs IMCG W vs TLR L vs SAO W vs TLR W vs Charlotte W vs KanColle
240.56 119 testplaying 【4-1 Swiss, 3-0 Top Cut】 28 participants
Funny deck, based on burn Kotori Level 2 and 3 . And Rin for refresh my Oppenent.
230.99 269 testplaying 【4-0】 13 participants
398.97 238 testplaying

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