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Neo Standard - Meisters Project 2 - 17/04/2016 - St-Etienne (France) 4th place Player : William T.
account_circleWilliam T.
419.99 142 testplaying 【0-0】 19 participants
The antibrainstorm Sayaka is the true winner in this deck
728.83 29 testplaying 【3.1】 13 participants
Neo Standard Local 14/08/2016 - Odivelas (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Tiago Nunes
129 testplaying 【4-0】 9 participants
259.46 66 testplaying 【3-1】 8 participants

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tfw madomom buffs the clock shooter
778.44 87 testplaying
Megumin waifu deck (counts because 4 Yunyuns and climaxes don't count) - thoughts?
310.30 24 testplaying
Alright, been wanting to build a Velvet Room Deck for a while, here it is a guess? Please play test, and let me know how it goes.
94 testplaying
I'd like to use a deck like this, please let me know if I should make any changes! This is my first time making a Weiss Schwarz deck on my own.
91 testplaying 1 comments
My first crack at Kill la Kill. Not the absolute best or knowledgable when it comes to Kill La Kill, but I love the anime, so I gave it a shot! Only Red! Comment to help me with this deck!
349.28 159 testplaying
2152.60 11 testplaying