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The deck used in Worlds in Japan to take 5th Place.
311.60 969 testplaying 【2-1】 10 participants
Neo Standard Local 28/02/2016 - Odivelas (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Nuno Carvalho
266.34 471 testplaying 【3-0】 7 participants
Pre ban list LSS deck. I built this deck just a few days before the new ban list and beacuse the ban list comes into effect on the 1st of March I decide to play one last time with this deck before I need to change the list.
473.98 1 testplaying 【6-0】 12 participants
Deck is pretty simple to play. Use Kazuma to get wind trigger into hand if needed, use level 1 combo to maintain handsize and focus on grabbing cards you can play next turn. Try and have at least 1 Vanir or Masked Darkness in hand by level 2. If you hit level 3 and have the stock soul climax use the level 3 darkness combo or triple field vanir and hope to change into 3 masked darkness to survive following turn with her scry. Use stock souls throughout the game to build stock as Vanir/Masked Darkness is your end game focus. Use early play Aqua as needed to stay at level 2 as long as possible.
40 testplaying 【4-0】 16 participants

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250.19 96 testplaying
Wanted to go with a non-Lion build here, and I tried to use Yayoi as much as I could. Might change it a bit later to add the sisters to it. EDIT: Added Yayoi bottom deck bombs. I really like that card.
1 testplaying
191.04 87 testplaying
345.43 76 testplaying
966.69 10 testplaying
The red version of this deck has much less utility than the green, and therefore plays a much more straightforward game. You have beaters and card advantage at levels 0 and 1, a level assist and a "cute" 2/1 that can deal with annoying costless back-row characters (SAO, Yellow Schoolgirls, Love Live!, Haruhi/Aliens, etc.), and level 3 brings you an early-play healer and a very interesting finisher (burn for cost?). I think the idea is to try to stay at 2/4 until your opponent is at 3, then burn the hell out of them with your cxc.
198.06 78 testplaying