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The whole concept of this build was me trying to prove that even if you fill a deck to brim with 1 ofs it still goes off. Also I wanted to show off my deck building tryhardery by putting in cards that were only there because they were foils (shoutout to my buddy Lawrence) LOL R1 vs LL mono red (W) R2 vs LL mono blue (W) R3 vs AoT R/G (W) R4 vs KC R/Y (W) R5 MM G/R (W) Top 8 R6 vs SAO G/B/Y (W) R7 vs SAO G/B/Y (W) Finals vs AoT - pretty sad loss on this one, I wasn't gaining enough hand cards to efficiently field trade every turn. Brainstorms were whiffing, 2 attackers, and a late game that can only be described as me putting up all my backrow and praying for damage.
116 testplaying 【7-1】 100 participants
B/R SOS Brigade Chief/Alien build that I took the AZ WGP Regional with last year. Utility and tech at level 0, free virtual "encore" and large characters at level 1, easy early-play condition for healing at level 2, and finishing with Haruhi burn-1 CXC at level 3. Lacks a little in consistency sometimes, which could be made up for if they ever unban Emo Swing (would probably replace both Bookmark events and 1 3/2 Summer Festival Nagato if they did).
385.93 140 testplaying 【4-1】 12 participants
The antibrainstorm Sayaka is the true winner in this deck
728.83 20 testplaying 【3.1】 13 participants
883.64 102 testplaying 【0-1 and 1-0 i won and lost against myself】 1 participants

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Sweets build for EN. Yes, EN.
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Maids deck with a splash of Roswaal. 1of the 1/1 backup might be a 2/1 PR 3.5, but I'm not sure if its worth it.
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