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This is the deck that I used for the ''Bushiroad Championship Series : Autumn Circuit Chile, Santiago'' Wasn't perfect, but it sure gave a fight! The idea of the deck is actually pretty simple: you gotta play the brainstorm(s), then the one with encore + the other 2 lvl 1, after that you can either aim for the change or use "christmas date Honoka" (usually is best to use the latest and keep the backups), once you reach lvl 3 you usually aim to use all of the lvl 3 and/or any of the climax... It's not such a complex strategy. It's also important to use both the lvl 0 reversal and the lvl 1"Candle Night"; their effect of putting back cards from the waiting room to the deck can help to fix your trigger and some other stuff as well. This deck fought against: KanColle anti salvage/heal. G/Y (win) Fate Kaleid... Illya. R/B (win) Shiro from Fate. Y (lose) Konosuba. R/Y (win) AoT. R/Y (win) Konosuba. B/Y (win) AoT. R/Y (lose)
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If you want to die play this deck This is my current comp deck as I'm dirt poor for the meta build.
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Neo Standard - Local - 21/02/2016 - Saint Etienne (France) 2nd place Player : Adrian Peyrat
424.20 335 testplaying 【4 - 1】 17 participants
Best Girl
214.48 181 testplaying 【1】 1 participants

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Una variacion de mi deck rojo azul
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