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This beat jktcg for first place at HSI locals.
265.70 115 testplaying 【6-1】 21 participants
908.05 15 testplaying 【8-1】 over 300 participants
Do you like joker? Do you need to justify the $120+ you spent on a play set of that handsome man? This is the deck for you. Become joker. But seriously, this deck is pretty solid. I played a few variations of the good persona deck. Everyone I felt stopped me taking advantage of one of the best finishers in the EN meta. Early yusuke or morgana are really good, but it means you probably arn't jokering more than once next round. This take takes out all the distractions so you can focus on YA BOY. The cards unique to this kinda of deck: lvl 0 Troublesome guest: It's an ok early beater that can go up to 4k and kill a level reverser, but the real reason it's in the deck is for level three. Loop some calling cards until theres only a few cards left in your deck, use his second ability to shuffle in some 2 and 3's, hit far more consistent jokers. Seriously good tech you can search for. lvl 2 Event Junes Most people either don't know this card exists or don't know you can play P4 cards in your P5 deck (this is the only one worth running though). It searches almost every character in your deck, for free. Cx Will of rebellion No room for another combo in this deck, so why not just run 8 bounce triggers? (bounce triggers are cool)
10 testplaying 【5-0】 36 participants
VS AOT : Win VS P5: Win VS AOT: Lose VS P5: Win
309.96 20 testplaying 【3-1】 33 participants