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account_circleMikasa y Eren
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Inspired by the "OTK" list featured in strictlybroken's strictly brews video on p5, modified to be better and cut out the meme cards that don't contribute/never happen--rip best (date-able) girl, Makoto. If you've seen the video I'm referring to, this list is about utilizing the Joker PR in order to bottom deck a level 2 preferrably, else 1 or 3, and milling your deck down to a state where only that card will remain in your deck at the beginning of your encore step. Thus that is the only card that will be used with regards to the level 3 Joker burner. Morgana runner is your costless plusser, but after today, I think I want to change two of them to two Futaba 0/0 markers. The runners are nice for obviously plussing and avoiding level 1 reverse combos/effects. You can also fix red for when shit hits the fan and you need to use a Morgana counter in order to early play Joker. But this level 0 line up basically has no power and is just a solitaire level 0, hoping the opponent can't kill your level 0s. The Futaba means I'll have a 3500 beater a lot of the time, while still sometimes being a plussing level 0. Weaknesses are that if she whiffs, she's still only as strong as the Morgana and after your opponent hits level 1, she cannot avoid on reverse effects like Morgana can. However, she can be useful as a pseudo Joker PR, in that you can play her first and if she reveals a level 0 Thief trait, you can effectively mill that card instead of wasting a Joker PR to see that first card. Something some people miss is that even if her marker condition succeeds, you don't have to take that top card as a marker and you can leave it there if its trigger suits what you want, you found a suitable bottom deck target, or you just want to trigger cleanly. The most controversial card in my level 0 is the Haru brainstormer instead of the obvious Joker brainstormer--but in the "OTK" version of the deck, the Haru is just better in too many ways (for a meta deck, the Joker brainstormer is better tbh). As far as pros and cons, in a vacuum, Haru brainstormer can potentially provide 1k for both turns to a character, whereas Joker can only provide 500 on both turns to a character. Haru lets you check the top card of your deck so you can make your decision of attack order slightly alleviated, sometimes telling you if you have a wind for the turn, or if there is a trigger or not. Joker forces you to spend a stock, or run off meta cards like the back row Makoto level 0, in order to provide offensive power whereas Haru does not at the cost of sometimes failing and having climaxes to play. And often times, you don't even have the character you would want the Joker power to go to when you brainstorm, missing that effect entirely. Also, if your first attack triggers a climax, the fact that you don't need to dedicate two characters to the brainstorm to pay it out can be a huge difference. However, Haru allocates power before the opponent's main phase, making it harder to guess where power will matter, whereas Joker allows you to allocate an extra 500 when you backup to the needed character. Haru also only allows you to search your clock for targets, at the benefit of being able to take climaxes and events, whereas Joker lets you search for whichever character you want from your deck, provided it's still there. You also "can't" brainstorm with Haru if there are no cards in your clock. You can, but if you hit, you'll be taking damage, instead of staying damage neutral like under regular circumstances. Level 1, I prefer the marker Jokers because 2-3 cards of compression each refresh is pretty insane, besides being a 1/0 7k (the 1/0 Illya marker card is bullshit and sooo much better than this comparative garbage we got rip) often times as opposed to the Ryuji Taigei/Eli clone. The first half of the day, I had to deal with opponents hitting me to level 2 before refresh, missing having enough opposite Jokers to marker up more than once, etc. But the second half of the day, I was a cancel god from the compression they provided. Cancelling before refresh and being able to control my clock also helped, but the markers made it so even if I only got 6 back, 6/22 is pretty still a very good rate, especially considering 2 climaxes didn't make it. Yup, only 1 Morgana counter. Everyone else runs 2 or 3, and I used to. What I found is that most of the time, if the opponent knows about the counter, their character is going to be out of backup range if they're going to attack one of your characters, making him sometimes useless in hand. Having one or two can even screw you for the early play Joker as I previously mentioned as well. However, against players trying to gauge how many you have in hand by checking your waiting room, sometimes they side attack or play chumps when they see there's 0 in waiting room, because you already have your only copy or you just don't have excess copies they can see and they don't want to risk that you actually have 2 or even 3. A lot of times with counters, just the opponent's knowledge of it existing in set is good enough, and my p5 deck is too tight on slots with the 1/0 marker Jokers to run more fortunately or unfortunately. Level 2, of course the early play Joker. Something a lot of people miss is that not only is the early play condition to have 4 or more other thief characters on board, but also the climax combo. So yes, even if you've early played and it lives, you can't combo with 3 or 4 on board the following turn. Nor can you straight up play it when you're level 2 and combo with only 3 or 4 on board. Beware of accidental cheating. Two level 3 killer Ryuji for consistency of seeing it, as well as being a level 2, which is your desired burn target. Same reasoning with the 2/1 Joker back row. The second Morgana counter is what changed to be the level 2 memory kick Joker counter. Because even with your level 3s, often times the opponent will play around 2k. They can't always afford to or have means to play around a 3k counter. Level 3 Joker is the reason you're willing to play the set, and particularly this style of deck at all. Level 3 Ryuji is sorely underestimated, but is definitely better than level 3 Futaba for English (this tournament wasn't necessarily English only, but my cards are). He provides more effective milling, which is crucial in this deck. He can dig for more milling through level 0 Ryuji or preferably calling card, level 3 or PR Joker, or even his climax combo. And he can not only bounce problem back rows or front row walls, but can also provide extra reversing power and allow your Joker, which hopefully has guaranteed burns lined up, punish burn 1 which is active for not only Joker's soul damage, but also the burns at the beginning of encore step, assuming the soul damage hadn't already cancelled (more sources of damage are fantastic for enabling punish burn to activate). Even if there are no problems for you to reverse, you can avoid nasty counters by just bouncing the opponent's front row cards to begin with (e.g. Ruby counter from the Sunshine EB--at least for this deck. Obvious other counters are tap and anti-damage), provided they aren't hexproof like in AoT and TLR as far as English is concerned. You can also bounce hand or clock encore characters against a set that has a sac counter, if they can afford to or are trying to be spicy. Lastly, I said that Haru brainstormer is definitely what you play in this type of deck versus the Joker brainstormer, but only compared them in a vacuum, and not in context to this deck. And the reason is sometimes you just need to throw down some weenies when you're stuck at level 2. Preferrably some marker Jokers, but maybe you don't have them or maybe you don't have the markers available. When I tested the Joker brainstormer, I would often throw down 0/0 Ryujis here so I could hold calling cards to mill with instead of having to play said Ryujis on my level 3 turn, else go minus 1 when I overplayed them. So when you run Joker brainstorm, if it hits, you search, but most importantly and detrimentally you shuffle your deck. That means if you play a PR Joker before the turn you go for the kill and find a suitable target to bottom deck, it can be lost if you're forced to Joker brainstorm in order to mill or get key cards. That's not the case with Haru. With Haru, if you need to play weenies to stall for a turn, you can play the PR and bottom deck said suitable target ahead of time, and it'll stay there assuming you don't refresh one way or another, even if you brainstorm that turn or on your level 3 turn. It means you don't have to hold the PR Jokers until you're level 3 and go minus 1 when you inevitably overplay. It also means they have time to be reversed and resolve, thus obtaining a cantrip instead of a minus 1. Not only that, but if you have to play the PR Jokers on your level 3 turn, you "can't" play them first with Joker brainstorm. Being able to play them first means you can set wind triggers as your second to last trigger, see if there's a stock soul you need or want to brainstorm off, etc. It's more information sooner, which can be worth everything to this deck.
539.94 22 testplaying 【4-1 modified swiss, 2-0 topcut 8】 20 participants
I literally built this deck a few days before the new ban list came out, so I decided to play One last tournament before I have to change the deck beacuse of the ban list with this deck list. It was worth it.
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Match record: vs TLR Alien vs P5 Y/G
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account_circleMR J
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