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Swiss: R1 Win vs ToLoveRu (YaMikan) R2 Win vs Charlotte (YRb) R3 Win vs Symphogear (Br) R4 Loss vs Kemono (Yb) R5 Win vs Rewrite (Guardian) R6 Win vs Sunshine (RYb) Top Cut 16: R1 Win vs Kemono (Rematch) R2 Win vs Chain Chronicles (Yr) R3 Win vs Cinderella (Triad Primus) R4 Win vs VividStrike (GBr) Link to official standings and interviews:
362.28 99 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss, 4-0 Top Cut】 96 participants
R1 LLSS (W) R2 AOT (W) R3 AOT (W) R4 SAO (W) R5 SAO Switch (L) R6 IMCG YELLOW (W) R7 SAO (W) TOP 8 SAO (W) TOP 4 AOT (W) FINALS SAO [rematch from R4] (W)
421.70 65 testplaying 【10-1】 150 participants
3150.06 120 testplaying 【420-0】 999 participants
I've been testing this with some small changes here and there (the 2/1 eris mostly) and It's working pretty well overall.
295.72 167 testplaying 【3-0】 8 participants
Deck I choose was based off of a dice roll, the other 3 choices were Railgun, Guardians, Chain Chronicle. Round 1 - Rabbit House (B/R) - W Round 2 - Vivid Strike (G/B) - W Round 3 - Konosuba (B/R) - W Round 4 - Attack on Titan (Y/R) - W Round 5 - Vivid Strike (G/B)) - L Round 6 - Triad Primus (B) - W Top Cut - Love Live Sunshine (R-Y) L How to Play the Deck: Pass Top Check = Win Fail Top Check = Loss I was also denied my early play condition in the Love Live match but yeah.
469.37 165 testplaying 【5--2】 96 participants
This deck got me to Top 8. Round 1: Kancolle (W) Round 2: AoT (W) Round 3: SAO (L) Round 4: Nisekoi (W) Top 8 Cut: Top 8: AoT (L)
313.65 157 testplaying 【3-1】 34 participants
R1 Bye R2 Konosuba R/Y (Win) R3 IMAS (Win) R4 Kantai R/G (Win) R5 AoT GRY Double Advantage Combo (Loss) R6 AoT Green (Win) R7 TLR G/Y (Win) (RIP) T8: AoT Red/Yellow Christa (Win) T4: SAO B/G Last Shot (Loss) 3/4: AoT GRY Double Advantage Combo (Win) (Same guy from R5)
344.30 86 testplaying 【8-2】 150 participants
Swiss round (6-0) 1st VS KC 2st VS KC 3st VS RZ 4st VS CHA 5st VS LSS 6st VS RZ TOP 8 VS P5 TOP 4 VS KS FINAL VS RZ
597.90 71 testplaying 【9-0】 53 participants