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132 testplaying 2 comments 【5-2】 273 participants
1124.05 103 testplaying 【4-1】 34 participants
Prisma Illya deck piloted by Nathan N. that netted him a fourth place finish at WGP Regionals 2016 at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, CA on October 1st.
566.72 114 testplaying 【4-1】 54 participants
381.71 156 testplaying 【4-0】 16 participants
A deck that topped twice. First got DQed though. Second time made it
715.22 87 testplaying 【3-1】 15 participants
My deck from the Indy WGP that placed 3rd. I wanted to add in the WGP 2016 Promos but couldn't. Interview can be found on
236.14 124 testplaying 【4-1】 28 participants
I did my best
106 testplaying 【5-2】 99 participants
There are some questionable things but I like most of the numbers. I bumped the brainstorm to 4, its too much of an important card in CLANNAD and if you draw it more often you can use the On Reverse search Nagisa to fetch your tech Level 0s that are off color more often. I still think 3 copies is enough to reliably get your early play condition so I've decided to put a second kotomi to slightly increase chances of getting shot and to have a discard outlet that isn't dependent on having the early play in the waiting room. I putting the Kotomi in their in place of the 4th PR healer.
account_circleCNG Flipp3r
348.13 131 testplaying 【6-2】 32 participants
Kaleid build - The goal is to block your opponent with your KuroWall, then strike him with Quintet fire. With the help of the lvl 2 sapphire, you can keep your KuroWall without paying stock and have a decent power. 2wei Herz gives this deck tools to build your hand without too much problems (brainstorm, akatsuki clone), and you're not forced to have a high experience, 2 is needed for all your level 1, then it's 3 for the lvl1 backup and 4 for the lvl3 Miyu (if you need it to reverse with 2weiForm Illya)
736.64 121 testplaying 【2-2】 16 participants
yeah, it's meta. but i actually like this deck (and serie) so... don't care :D standing : 2nd - lost against GoshiUsa (4-0 - 4th) top 4 : 3rd - lost against GoshiUsa (3-1 - 1st) I may have underestimate GochiUsa . Kappa
486.61 117 testplaying 【3-1】 16 participants
... Okay, this deck *might* be stronger than I though. (cf. Match record: Round 1: win v. Madoka Y Round 2: win v. SAO Y/B Round 3: win v. SAO Y/G/B Round 4: loss v. Gochiusa Y/G/R Semi-final: win v. Puyo Y/B/R Final: win v. SAO Y/G/B Gochiusa new meta x)
211.43 120 testplaying 【3-1】 16 participants
Yes this deck works! Round 1: Win versus Angel Beats (Music) Round 2: Win versus Love Live (B/Y mono-Maki) Round 3: Win versus Puyo Puyo (Y/B/R) Round 4: Win versus Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?? (R Rize-centric) Top4: Loss versus Sword Art Online (B/G/Y) 3-4th place: Loss versus Puyo Puyo (Y/B/R) 10/10 perfect rounds curse
245.28 88 testplaying 【4-0】 16 participants