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Zweiform hates you too, Mike Swiss Record: 4-0 Win vs. Madoka (mono-Green) Win vs. Madoka (Green/Red/Blue) Win vs. Love Live (Yellow/Red) Win vs. Cinderella Girls (mono-Yellow) Top Cut Record: 1-2 Win vs. Puyo Puyo (Yellow/Blue/Red) Loss vs. Love Live (Yellow/Red) Loss vs. Cinderella Girls (mono-Blue)
85 testplaying 【5-2】 28 participants
1st round vs Fairy Tail (R/Y) - win 2nd round vs Kill la Kill (R/B) - win 3rd round vs AoT Corps (R/G/Y) - win 4th round vs Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (R/B) - win Toughest matchup should have been AoT Corps but my opponent had bad luck with his draws and cancels. Plus, he was testing a new build rather than using his usual AoT Corps build which is very successful in tourneys. In actuality, my toughest matchup was Fate/kaleid. Even though it wasn't tough at all, my Fate/kaleid opponent had his free refresh level 2s and early play level 3s at the ready. But his cancel game was not the best. Kill la Kill matchup was easy, no problems there. And sadly, Fairy Tail went way too fast. MVP cards in my build were obviously the Soundless Voice duo, Hatsune Miku level 0 suicider is best girl if opponent is at level 3 - 6 damage, and obviously the level 3 early play Mikus and level 3 clock kicker Mikus are so strong. My favourite card all the time will always be the "I'll Miku-Miku You (For Reals)" event card. Too strong! Ggs though.
267.16 120 testplaying 【4-0】 8 participants
5-1 in Swiss put me at 2nd seed. Placed 3rd overall.
682.19 130 testplaying 【5-1 in Swiss, 2-1 after Top 8 Cut】 58 participants
Neo Standard Local 03/07/2016 (Portugal) 1st Place Player: Beatriz Reis
117 testplaying 【3-0】 6 participants
Placed 1st at SakuraCon 2016 WS Tournament
559.87 157 testplaying 【7-0】 40 participants
Ripperoni dreams
346.31 158 testplaying 【5-0 in Swiss, 0-1 Top Cut】 30 participants
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i did p badly but won a top 8 pin! fun fact, all my losses were to the top 3 players
483.93 105 testplaying 【3-2 in Swiss, 0-1 in Top Cut】 30 participants
The basis of this deck was to setup a decently sized mid lane wall with hand encore to sustain throughout the game while compressing and keeping my stock clean with the Yuuki Climax combo. This deck's overall weakness was a reliance of needing both back row cards to sustain itself in the mid game. This deck did not have extensive play testing do to the fact that the EB just arrived in English and my focus on the Japanese version of the set was using the Lisbeth combo for the past few months, as such I did not have as much experience with some of the cards as I would have liked. Changes to this deck still need to be made but as this will likely be the last English major I go to for the year it wont be heavily worked on for a while. As always constructive criticism is welcomed.
406.33 178 testplaying 【4-2】 58 participants
308.51 230 testplaying 【4-2】 45 participants