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This is the deck I played at the October Bushiroad Autumn Circuit in Atlanta. R1 - SAO (Sinon) Win R2 - Love Live (Nico Waifu) Win R3 - Bang Dream (Red) Win R4 - AoT (Blue Exodia Titans) Win R5 - Konosuba (BR Goddess Megumin) Lose Top 8 - Konosuba (R5 Opp) Lose
327.84 157 testplaying 1 comments 【4-2】 70 participants
1104.44 192 testplaying 【3-0】 1 participants
222.65 149 testplaying 【1】 1 participants
COPY FROM /deck/23356/
517.68 130 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss】 42 participants
straight forward meta key cards to win.
account_circleAlan L.
781.21 121 testplaying 【4-1】 dont know participants
Mono blue-ish that turned to work well, Darkness is a really messed up card and the Eris restander is very good. Thanks to the people who helped me finish the deck for the tournament. Swiss R1 win vs RB Illya (Another Me) R2 win vs BY SAO Switch R3 win vs RB Nisekoi R4 win vs Mirror match R5 win vs RYB Nisekoi R6 Loss vs Mono Y Fate (Shirou UBW) R7 win vs AOT YR Corps Top 8 QF win vs BG SAO Last Shot SF win vs TLR YG Meta Finals win vs RBG LL
281.74 177 testplaying 1 comments 【6-1】 123 participants
I use this deck get 2nd in wgp tw 2017
288.41 159 testplaying 1 comments 【5-1】 40+ participants
770.89 72 testplaying 【16-0】 Your Mom participants
427.72 189 testplaying 【5-0】 24 participants
Perfect swiss rounds (6-0) Lost in top8 due to opening up 5 climaxes.
300 testplaying 【6-1】 44 participants
Every game lost I got 4+ climaxes before turn 2. Deck needs a good way to ditch more climaxes and a faster way to mill without burning through stock. Praying for Ordinal Scale. Overall great tournament, deck did well against AOT except during the finals.
375.68 95 testplaying 【4-1 (1-2 top cut)】 50 participants