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288.27 29 testplaying
Winner Decks
728.70 22 testplaying
590.82 100 testplaying 【8-0】 ? participants
2-colour linear deck. Also a good budget choice (~200 CAD). Flex slots IMO are 0/0 Asuna and 1/1 Sinon. I Lost Top 4 and 3rd place match.
436.11 80 testplaying 【6-1 】 150 participants
323.62 278 testplaying 【1-0】 2 participants
Tournament LL Sunshine Build
473.08 63 testplaying 【5-2】 183 participants
This wasn't supossed to work, but the crisis management of this deck is ridiculous Suguha 2/1 is the Tourney PR Changes to be made: Maybe the 3/2 Lizbeth from Re:Edit? idk lmao COPY FROM /deck/28356/
222.15 69 testplaying 【3-0】 8 participants
3rd Place Bushiroad World Championship Series 2017 Spring Circuit Regional USA, California, Long Beach 2017 July 2nd, Sunday 91 Participants 6 Round Swiss Top Cut 8 Swiss: Round 1: (W) BYE (Shop Challenge) Round 2: (W) Log Horizon (R/B) Round 3: (W) Kantai Collection (Y/G - Shimakaze) Round 4: (W) Love Live! (B/G/R) Round 5: (W) Attack on Titan (R/Y) Round 6: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Top Cut 8: Quarter Finals: (W) Sword Art Online (Y/B/R - Invites/Switch) Semi-Finals: (L) Sword Art Online (G/B/R/Y - Yuuki/Sinon) Bronze Match: (W) Idolm@ster Cinderella (R/B) Final Placement: 3rd
336.36 131 testplaying 【5-1 Swiss, Top Cut 8 into 3rd Place】 91 participants
Tiago Nunes - Top 8 @ BCS Rome 2017
333.24 233 testplaying 【6-1】 67 participants
615.93 168 testplaying 【Undefeated】 100+ participants
The deck is built as to feature all 9 members. 0-0 Maki (Akatsuki), 1-0 Maki (Shimakaze), 0-0 Rin (Shimakaze), and 1-0 Nico (brainstorm) should work together to control the deck for powerful compression. Half of the deck consists of blue characters for Akatsuki. 2-1 Umi should be used when the deck is badly uncompressed while the plenty of cxs are in waiting room and the top of stock and/or before whole bunch of "junks" in the clock go to next refresh. 0-0 Yukiho and 0-0 "Kaguya Princess" Rin should be kept in hand until lv 2. They are used to "clean" the cx stuck in the stock. Variety of lv3 characters allow for more options at lv3. 3-2 Eli and 3-2 Rin should deal disastrous decompression to the opponent at the end. 2-1 Kotori and 3-2 Nico deals lethal damage to finish the game. 2-1 Kotori helps to adjust the amount of damage dealt during critical matchup. COPY FROM /deck/33418/
153 testplaying 【4-2 (4-1 before getting to top 8). Also the first place in the shop tournament the Wednesday prior.】 About 30 participants
272.84 81 testplaying 【X-0】 69 participants