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  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Vol.2 (ENG)
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account_circleIzanagi Okami
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Based on Kenneth at HSI Deck Tech
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My "For Victory, Rin" deck that I have been slowly modifying for almost a year. Very balanced deck, that doesn't rely on "For Victory, Rin" to win by level 2, but it helps. By using "Caladbolg II" and "Ideal Existence Archer" you can pretty much guarantee getting any character you need. Also most of your level 0's will continue to go through your deck to get what you need, as well as guaranteeing a lot of your climaxes being in your deck for cancelling attacks. Also to have a good set up, you will need to have "Ideal Existence Archer" and "Devilish Smile" in your back row. This will give your characters a free 2000 power and all clock encore. This ensures that you will always have characters to gather stock. It's very fun, and easy to have 10k level 1 characters. Took a long time to really get the deck to work by switching and play testing a lot. Now it is very tournament ready, and can stand against many of the "cancer" decks *cough*Kantai*cough* :P Update: Updated the deck a little better, made the level 1 game a little more dangerous. Also the level 3 game can be switched. At the moment Great Date is there, but it can easily switched out with Lord and Retainer if you want the heal instead.
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