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Include ["Healing Natural Girl" Mayuri Shiina]

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Carriera di Fantozzi, primo scatto: "direttor. lup. mann. figl. di putt.", aveva diritto a: segretaria in minigonna, cartella per la firma in pelle di vitello e macchina con autista a disposizione. Secondo scatto: "direttor. dott. ing. gran. ladr. di gran croc. pezz. di merd.": due segretarie in body, quattro telefoni cellulari, cartelle per la firma in pelle di cobra... e fastosa limousine con autista omosessuale. Terzo scatto di Fantozzi: "gran farabutt. ladr. matricolat. paracul.": quattro segretarie in topless, cartelle per le firme in pelle umana di extracomunitario... elicottero personale e tre portaborse. Ma quando ottenne un cocchio a due pariglie bianche con lacchè e il diritto al potere temporale, Fantozzi si trovò di fronte ad una nuova inquietante qualifica: "natural. prestanom. omm. di pagl. gran test. di cazz.".
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You can replace the 2/2 faris for the 2/2 mayuri that gains power witih Dmail a PR, Can cut the lvl 1 faris bomb for a 2nd mayuri lvl 0 hand filter from the td the lvl 0 blue from TD
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You don't need to run 4 rikkis and 4 runners seriously.... Would cut the runner for a 3rd suzuha. Playing 2 drop searchers helped open okabe when I didn't have him or find a missing combo piece. Normally I end the game with 1 kurisu 1 moeka and an okabe generally enough damage and instances. Didn't really have stock issues I didn't spam the level swap effect all the time. Generally you put yellow, red then blue you swap green for lvl 3 if needed. Matchups R1 Rezero Just walled out my opponent and double kurisu for game. He also didn't have such a good game died before my final swing. R2 Fate Apo Walled out his traps with my kurisu and cancelled more. R3 Band Dream Roseila He had a bad game so ended up not being able to yukina and he stock swapped and all my cx was on the bottom so I still triple cancelled. R4 DITF Basically had 4 instances of damage when my opp is 3/5 but cancelled on 2 each time.. Top 4 Rewrite Game was ok, playtested the match a lot so I had to hold the bounce okabe to deal with his lvl 3 board. I just crashed my board before his lvl 3 turn so I could avoid his burn 2 on reverse and use the the end game board above to hit him from 3/1 to game after he lost 2 cx after his refresh. Finals Same DITF guy I lost hard. he was lvl 1 when I hit lvl 3.
2308.18 19 testplaying 【3-1 in Swiss then top 4 elimination】 16 participants