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found this deck, will it work?
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Really, I got no clue on what I'm doing with this deck, any constructive comments are welcome.
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This is the deck I played at the October Bushiroad Autumn Circuit in Atlanta. R1 - SAO (Sinon) Win R2 - Love Live (Nico Waifu) Win R3 - Bang Dream (Red) Win R4 - AoT (Blue Exodia Titans) Win R5 - Konosuba (BR Goddess Megumin) Lose Top 8 - Konosuba (R5 Opp) Lose
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Mono blue-ish that turned to work well, Darkness is a really messed up card and the Eris restander is very good. Thanks to the people who helped me finish the deck for the tournament. Swiss R1 win vs RB Illya (Another Me) R2 win vs BY SAO Switch R3 win vs RB Nisekoi R4 win vs Mirror match R5 win vs RYB Nisekoi R6 Loss vs Mono Y Fate (Shirou UBW) R7 win vs AOT YR Corps Top 8 QF win vs BG SAO Last Shot SF win vs TLR YG Meta Finals win vs RBG LL
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I use this deck get 2nd in wgp tw 2017
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Lost to Maids Rezero during qualifiers and beat it at semis. (Had to level up with my Gold Bar climax at 0/7)Won me the game. Lost to SAO I half Trial deck during qualifiers. (Level 7 kirito OP) lol Plenty of level 0's to gain stock, Zekken climax combo to maintain hand. Mid Game, either aim for 2/1 Re-stand kiritos combo with level 0 Asuna that puts 2 cards from waiting room back into deck or play early plays Liz/Kirito. Level 2 Sinon to salvage book if you only have gold bar in hand and its a very good level 3 killer. And of course Last shot burn 4's to finish. Also came 2nd in a 3v3 team battle. Personal Record (3-1) Note: can change maried life asuna to the sinon version for more consistency.
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This is the Nico Deck JoeSchmmo and the Base Damage Crew always talk about
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8 heal minus 2 soul and shoot 2 nuff said
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This is what i took to the Houston regional in late September did me pretty good. love the deck COPY FROM /deck/25871/
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