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"when has weiss ever been a game about logical decisions" "luck and logic has been in the game for like a year alex"
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Added 4 Runners, Changed the Lv1 Combo, removed the Mordred. The Akatsuki has to be at 4 as it is one of the best cards in the set, you should have barely enough red for the gates to slam them down. also added backups because you are playing a zombie at lv 2 Dont forget to kill the zombie vampire by playing over it when your opp hits lv 3, or youll be crying vs restanders. the early play jeanne is probably for protecting your zombie and playing it more efficient, but you can probably cut it for more counts on the merge targets.
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My first deck ever made, so I'm still not sure how things work at all.
account_circleJohn Kenish
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Attempting to build yellow/ red with PDX
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Friends and I went for a build-off. Rules are: Umi waifu, EN only. Thoughts on this specific build: - Set bombs and oversize because that's the only thing relevant to do in L0. - Skipped the advantage combo. Costed L1 combos are just meh if you're just netting 0. Wall is the way to go. - Some utility here and there for L2. Wanted the +3500 counter but the refresh seems unique enough even if it's one damage to you. - L3 is pretty obvious - Tea Time Umi because that's pretty good, heals so you don't eat the shit, and set burn. - CX spread is 8 gate because decks that punish them in EN are sparse and plussing this way is just much better.
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Extremely Underrated but powerful 4 colored Steins gate deck build that is relatively cheap to build at lowest rarity 9 cards that heal, Early plays and standby climax to put in play higher level cards 2 climax combos that both combo with 2 cards and thus options for lvl 1 pressure early with early play faris and finish with moeka lvl 3s that are on attack burn, Even though there are 4 colours, surprisingly you are able to get the colours you need to play the deck as the deck is able to adapt extremely well based on what is in your hand. First round - Hello Happy World (Bang dream) Second round - Megumin (Kono Suba English) Third round - LLSS (Standby Gate)
793.59 62 testplaying 2 comments 【3-0】 9 participants
The most expensive meta build for steins gate and also the most expected to do well build for the set. The play style is similar to milky Holmes and glitter green decks and utilities the level swapping abilities with counters to get ahead of your opponent's characters and also reverse them to salvage characters or more counters. The finisher is consistent but not that powerful and you have the tech card early play okabe to deal with any pesky early plays your opponents have, the general power is quite decent at levels 1 and 3 and you have surprising powerful backups that can surprise your opponents. COPY FROM /deck/86202/
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account_circleBob the builder
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R1 W - Bye R2 W - BD Standby R3 W - Apocrypha R4 W - BD Yukina/Yukina R5 L - SAO zekken/shot R6 W - BD Kasumi/Yukina T8 W - AoT T4 W - P5 8g8 T2 L - SAO zekken/shot
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Only people I lost to ended up as 1st place in seeding and 1st place for the championship so... seems pretty solid. Shoutout to Fine Thai Cuisine blog which gave me a strong basis for this deck.
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