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Deck built for Trial Deck 3/2 Gurren lagann. Yoko and Simon are secondary finishers
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All right justin, I'll consider building it.
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Another deck I plan on building surrounding the Kanan restander. Pretty stock heavy and focuses on utility in level 0. Playing TD+ Kanan level combo for climax salvage trigger and fetching.
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Just ditched for 2 months for Korea now I'm back to casually cheese an x-0
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Poop Diddy Scoop COPY FROM /deck/70285/
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this is for a friend
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MADNESS COPY FROM /deck/66913/
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Using only the two movies sets, this fun waifu deck will slaughter other decks through its sheer power and tool box ability. Play phenomenally with such misfortune and come out on top as the King! Edit 1: Switch out either [Fate in Swimsuit] or [Lindy, As a Mother] for [Fate and Nanoha, Gentle Light and Wind] Edit 2: Replace [Arf, Feeling of Gratitude] for ["Kind Yet Serious" Fate]
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Hey! This is a new recipe with LLS Vol2 , hope it works pretty well!
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853.05 23 testplaying 1 comments 【4-2】 20 participants
Added Dear My Sister cards. Changes from v2: Level 1 is lower-power (2x 1/0 7500 beaters and 1/0 6500 removed) in favor of the new blind-stock maybe-draw cx combo and anti-0-costs. 1/0 backups removed since I apparently don't know how to play backups anyway. Endgame has been significantly modified. Instead of relying on two different cx combos and lots of draw, relies on one cx combo and STILL lots of draw. Hopefully more stock + equal draw will allow for a consistent level 3. Since all CXs are CX-salvage-triggers, should be able to get the Lv3 CX + combo easier. In addition, the new LV2 allows for heal. Replaced the early-play reverser with anti-early play backup, since less cards are needed in hand since "Modern Artist" Chino is gone. However, it doesn't combo with my level-boosting abilities, so it might be switched back if I have difficulty reversing at LV2/3. COPY FROM /deck/34134/
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