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account_circleelio kataoka
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Time to play a sub-game of weiss schwarz
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Im trying to make this deck as good as I can but idk what to change about it since I dont know little busters that well. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with editing this deck.
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COPY FROM /deck/74503/
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Oh shit son, new Madoka? Looks like it's time to dust off an old favourite and see what new toys Magia Record has given it. Right off the bat, we're given something that green Madoka has been desperately needing for years- A way to discard climaxes. "Light That Continues to Shine" Madoka is an all-star, allowing you to recycle your many gold bar climaxes to salvage characters. "What's the Fortune for This Year" Madoka & Homura ensures that you never accidentally blind-stock a climax in the likely event that your attack check triggers a gold bar climax. Madoka, New Story comes in strong as your primary attacker at level 1 if you've got a semi-decent field or better, and can potentially net you an extra stock every time she reverses an opponent. "Promise Sworn to Be Fulfilled" Homura also comes on strong, with an ability that not only boosts her power but also gives you an out in case Madoka, New Story is about to be killed. Sac Homura, bounce Madoka, then play Madoka again next turn to regain her on-play power boost and go in for another potential stock. Your level 2 game is almost nonexistent. Play your level 2 Madoka assist, and clock a Madoka, New Story in order to early-play Homura, New Story and use her dig-3 to get yourself set up for level 3. At level 3, you want to be clockkicking everything. EVERYTHING. If you've done your job right and built up a surplus of stock, an ideal board will have Homura, Hope and Resignation and at least one of your climax combo clockkickers. Madoka, Extended Hand is the more preferable choice as she heals on play, clockkicks, and burns. "For Madoka" Homura may actually end up being removed if testing shows her to be a suboptimal inclusion, but for now she stays because she has the potential to be early-played thanks to the level 2 Homura assist. Well, I can't believe Madoka actually got a third set. Here's hoping that testing shows that this new iteration of my first and favourite deck can still be viable. Happy playing!
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COPY FROM /deck/67724/
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Gib Milkies. Not truly full waifu, but it's mostly Mami. Probably the worst deck archetype for Madoka at the moment. The resonance target is bad, paying 1 to Maguro feels bad (sometimes), your top end being a singular cancel burn isn't great. I do this for the love of best girl. Tiro Duet CXC is just mostly filler since I couldn't think of anything else to play. If you have any ideas, just comment.
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