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A Good P5 deck if i say so myself
account_circleAlex V.
272.55 3 testplaying 5 comments but ENGLISH card numbers.
313.34 11 testplaying 1 comments
3-1 Minimum performance at locals.
553.89 10 testplaying 1 comments
Version 1.0for testing
1092.52 14 testplaying 1 comments
account_circleHank hill
13 testplaying 1 comments
Reasons: Lvl 0 stock bomb - I think this is important to cripple any decks with Experience especially if they have no other way to fix this. Lvl 0 runner - Best way I can see to stall at that level so i can run a low amount of lvl 0s. Lvl 1 Aqua (combo) - The potential plus is insane. Lvl 1 Kazuma - Used with the split 3k 1 soul it is an easy reverse also the lvl 0 and cost 0 stock bombs will buff him even more if needed. Lvl 1 Vanir - Very simple and easy change to pay for, change target will help so much. Lvl 1 Backup - Negates a plussing combo most of the time but not essential to be used. Lvl 2 Assist - Easily sets up the set 1 Darkness Lvl 3 early play. Lvl 2 Event - Versatile card that is great on both turns, either stopping anti damage or opponents finishing combos. Lvl 3 Changers - Both are strong and can allow for varied plays depending on the situation. Lvl 3 Darkness (Combo) - Strong finisher and can ever be added on top of musashi. Lvl 3 Set 1 Darkness - Very hard for opponent to get rid of so it can generate board advantage most of the time. Any tips or suggestions of things I may have overlooked or missed please let me know.
300.71 17 testplaying 2 comments
You know the drill
12 testplaying 1 comments
1723.67 23 testplaying 1 comments
green 0/0 1000 = pr cip pay 1 search top 3 red 0/0 1000 = pr cip discard 2 search for red event + chara, power + 1k to chara
1223.09 18 testplaying 1 comments
the 0/0 Kasumi is a place holder for the 0/0 Sparkling Kasumi promo
229.91 12 testplaying 1 comments
Goddess Deck Ft. Waifu
302.31 17 testplaying 1 comments
If only this title had Clock Riki COPY FROM /deck/43962/
499.58 17 testplaying 1 comments