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they said green masters.dek is shit they were right COPY FROM /deck/89363/
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it should run better now, maybe 11/9/18: no it doesn't haha who was I trying to fool In-depth deck explanation: This is what a delayed Exodia deck should feel like. Grab specific cards, sit on them, opponent hits lv3 (3/1+ hopefully), and then they die. Cybele kicks away climaxes, Gandr Rin stacks deck, Zelretch burns for game. Exodia Flame, gg ez, kingofgames.png, etc etc. In theory that is. What ends up happening is due to Fate being old af for today's powercreep standards and having no lv2 game (and no EPs) for Masters, the board tends to get wiped easily and there goes half the viability of Gandr Rin + Zelretch. Here are the major problems this deck faces, in order of descending severity. 1. >Clock Encore: Fate will almost always be ahead in damage (or behind I guess in that we're closer to dying) so there was a time when I tried to take out the encore Shirou and run power-based Masters support. Didn't work, decks just climb over 7.5-8.5k nowadays anyway (see Rewrite Guardian.dek barely fending off people with 6 stock gloves). 2. Green: Cybele is a green event. I must run green. Green in Fate is utter trash. Therefore, in order to run Cybele, I must run trash. Sakura brainstorm is plussing but she also lacks Master trait. Rider backup is fine but everything dies anyway so what the fuck. Please don't mention Clock Kick Rider, just don't. It's so good on paper but it's so bad in context of this deck. 3. Stock: 5 stock (1x for Gandr, 1x for Cybele, 3x for Zelretch) at min needed upon entering lv3. Preferably 9 so that I can rest enough things. Long story short, it's doable but it's also so limiting on brainstorms. All in all, despite all the problems listed above, Zelretch_Burn_6.dek is ironically a better deck than Masters.dek, Rin/Archer.dek, Rider.dek and even the coinflip thing Japan likes to run. I say this after a whole year of depression-inducing testing, after I tried every build possible (even Illya/Berserker, which was just disappointing). Zelretch is in my opinion currently -the- Fate deck to bring to any single-elimination tournament. It's janky and meme and lacks the consistency that Masters may provide, but at least it doesn't need to worry about 3x Rin/Archer or 3x UBW Shirou doing 7 dmg via some miracle. hf set please bushi
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