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Buck Fushiroad
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For waifu tournament.
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ehhhh dunno just deck ideas. Hange is genderless still questionable if he can join the Boy Scouts. This looks like a train wreck alrdy im all about the soul rush because of conny's on cancel draw is OP and the other conny you can snipe cost 0's?!! makes ppl do a double take. Hmm? so level 1 game use hange, or Erwin brainstorm, or the event to search for level 2 or 3 set ups or connys lol. The Levi/Erwin wall is nice too depending your backrow has both hange global and erwin brainstorm back there. I chose to run the stock soul CX because the 1/1Erwin is costly idk use it for that dank level push. That lv 1 hange is for hand fixing if you trigger too many gold bar Cx's since i run 8 of them. level 2 game is meh the 2/1 erens that swings as a 2soul with encore for field presence. Then level 3 game use Eren to bait out your opponents climaxes then use God mode himself use Restanding Levi or if you didnt build enough stock to restand just use the CX combo stick in that final dmg! Enjoy the Scout Regiment boys!
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hm COPY FROM /deck/50488/
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