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account_circleJaponxu Perone
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Kinda a Nadeko centered deck, but not full Nadeko. Still messing around with the balance, so don't buy this deck just yet. But so far it's pretty damn good; choc full of op search effects from the 0's and 1's. The lvl3 finisher in this deck is always satisfying, when you get nadeko with the bangs and her climax combo combined with smiling hachikuji (you can apply mayoi's shot trigger to the effect or the attack OPOP). The only problem I run into so far is running out of stock, if you have some ideas to remedy this just let me know (or if I just stink, let me know that too). I'm always open to suggestions, so smash that comment button boys. General game plan: "Girl with Bangs" gets sent to level for level 1 & "Nadeko Sengoku, Goddess" for level 2. If you mess this up, "Goddess of the North White Snake Shrine" will be practically unplayable. But in case you did, try to find your "Not Believing Anyone" Sengoku, that is why she's in this deck. This leveling plan causes me to omit "exchanged promise" and other good exp cards that require level >3 since they won't trigger until you're level 3. It may also cause you to do odd things like hang on to "Girl with Bangs" in your opening hand, or refuse to play "Goddess" so you can clock her when you hit level 1. This is uncomfortable, but you'll have to get used to it. When you get the pants trigger (at levels 0-1), salvage "Spell Chanting" for the "Oddity Killer" combo, and "For the Sake of My Own Dream" at later levels for "Girl with Bangs" (most of the time). Pay attention to what your opponent has, cards like Konosuba's "Being Shy" Eris will absolutely ruin your North White Snakes (sending them to the bottom of the deck without activating their "deathrattles"). And remember, this is a glass cannon deck. Your level 3 is built to either beat shit or eat shit. If you did not gather all the pieces for the grand finale, you're gonna have a bad time. This deck has absolutely no staying power, all your 3's are flimsy and won't serve much for board control or absorbing attacks. Both "Girl with Bangs" and "Smiles Until the End" have a similar purpose of rolling in, shitting out damage and leaving you defenseless (Nadeko burns your climaxes while Mayoi fucks off to the memory). Thankfully the combination of these cards is usually enough to close out any game, and truly glorious to behold.
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Best Girl
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