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Push the aggro as hard as possible in the early game, and don't focus too much on character survival. You want a surplus of stock at level 2, not a surplus of characters. "For Madoka's Sake" Homura can be clocked with impunity if you need the extra draws, because you have so many ways of getting her back. Once you hit level 2, use the playset of Homura's Despair to drop the heavy hitters and prepare to clockkick everything. Assuming all goes well, you can theoretically win the turn you hit level 2. This is the deck I started playing with, and I've been tweaking it nonstop ever since Rebellion dropped. Even though you probably won't top any regionals with it, it's an absolute tyrant at the local level assuming your group is playing English-only. Sadly, I've had to more or less retire this deck since my group is Japanese-heavy and it just couldn't keep up with the power level of the newer Japanese sets.
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This doesn't look like your usual meta Apples list... Well, that's because it isn't. This deck is designed to take advantage of a card that no one, absolutely no one, sees coming, because they've brushed it off as a "useless .10$ common". Sayaka Getting Hurt in the Fight is an amazing card precisely because she's overlooked. Absolutely no one expects to see a level 2 that can reliably swing for 13k each turn, deals 2 damage, and doesn't ever die. She's the reason this deck can get away with not running 10-12 level 3s- Why would I, when she can hit harder and survive for longer than most of them? Because a good chunk of your offensive lineup doesn't ever die, this deck ends up generating a lot of stock and often ends up with a full hand because you rarely need to replace your characters. In the event you stock a climax, the level 0 Homura can be used as a mana sink to power someone up, and come endgame all that stock and all those cards become useful fodder for the level 3 Kyouko, whose on-attack pinging wins more games than you'd realize. I took this deck to a regional a few years back, and spent most of the day at table 1 until a pair of bad matchups against Love Live and Kantai cost me a spot in the top 8. Still, finishing 14th in an event of ~200 people isn't bad at all for a rogue deck built around an overlooked .10$ common.
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