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Cang seem to get this to Work, any suggestions? Wall of Text ahead: 0/0 Red Kurisu Global is there for ensurin mayuri Riki to get into Experience, because i need blue on the first Lvl Also its making my lvl 1 Line up somewhat defensible, so it doesnt insta die vs 2k1 pumped 0/0 Vanillas. Furthermore it enables Okabe 3/2 to be early played. which helps vs LL Sunshine and the Likes. 0/0 Ruka defends the lv 1 Combo, and confirms for the Stockcharge on 3/2 Okabe Brainstorms Runner Riki are self explanatory Made good experience with the 0/0 freeshuffle, it pays out cx and shuffles them right back in, in case i mill / prevent with all Books.. 1/0 Mayushi Combo was chosen due to Art, On Attack Costless Plus, and Sackability with the Wishcounter, in case i want something really badly from my clock (another wish). Lvl 3 Line Up is 2 yellow Mayushi's stacking the burn on the Td Restand, which allows a 3,3,(3,3) if the last is prevented burn twice for 2 Or 3 Yellow Mayushi's attacking into an Open Lane (bounced by Okabe or lucky Wind.) Long Lasting Gameplan is to deal Lots of dmg, digging the Wishes and Finishing Climax with the yellow Mayushi and sacking them on the Return to prevent on Reverse Finishers while healing to Hand.. Wish + Riki also allows for emergency Digging for the Climax. (basically 2 stock for exchanging 2 Cards for a Random Riki Target and whatever you Selectivly Clock with the Riki)
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Fun Early and Midgame Build Inspired by OrdinaryWeiß, with different Numbers and Tech, Finisher Mayurie isnt guaranteed a Reverse, due to no anti event or anti backup. Can be replaced by TD Kurisu Heal and Promo Mayushi Heal, but gives up any real Finishing Power for that. 1/0 Fairis is there for Powerpump on 1 and 3 and to screw Reverse Combos Most Fun to play build tbh, Numbers on Riki and Global 500 are debatable, Okabe Replay is a 4 of sadly
Least Stock intensive lvl 1 Game for 3x Kurisu finish Red 6k Kurisu /w mayushi brainstorm is lvl 3 for 0 stock if you dont get enough 3's on the board (burn for 3 twice possible /w 6 stock) and there for hailmary burn 4 plays :P 1/1 Event for killing Erens/Astolphos and keep one in hand for lvl 3 if playing vs Stuff like Pants/Shirou Apocrypha Bang Dream /wo 2/1 Anti Event Assist (or smbody goin for double yukina) Titan (hey it prevents 1 dmg, maybe~) Anything which needs reverses on 3, to screw them over. PS.: not sure bout the 1/0 Kurisu on reverse Salvage has not helped me much, replaceable by the 2/1 anti early play Mayushi and 1 1/0 backup Budged Version: replace Mayushi-Rikis with the green 3k Drop search and drop the red Brainstorms for 2 topcheck td mayushis
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