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turn kiyoshimo into musashi as fast as possible, and use the climax as much as possible to shuffle climaxes back into the deck.
186.65 65 testplaying
use unhappy refrain to get a nice backline, and use flower fight to get cards back use the knife event to gather the pieces and ashes and ashes to keep stuff alive
169.31 168 testplaying
constantly put characters on top of your opponent's deck to push damage through. early game use +2 soul to push damage and kill units, late game use meiko and luka to put things on top of their deck and hit them with worlds end dancehall
191.88 161 testplaying
use tokyo teddy bear to play sakura moon rins for cheap, use sakura moon to eliminate targets in the backstage. when you reach level 3 use tokyo teddy bear rin originals and kaito and meiko to wall out your opponent. early game use remote controller to deal some quick damage before the shots from tokyo teddy bear.
176.51 155 testplaying
build as much stock as possible with hanamaru to block attacks and play finishers level 0 prepare aquarium rubys, petit hanamaru can go to stock if she wants, collect hanamaru shot climax cards for later level 1 fill the board and start attacking, we want to shine should keep your units strong enough. use backups to defend the special friends hanamaru if needed level 2 play hanamarus and start building stock if possible. use the hanamaru climax collection to do it for several turns. if you cant, continue using we want to shine for power level 3 can continue level 2. when the time feels right, use ruby to go for the finish. yoshiko can remove an annoying big card and simulate a climax card COPY FROM /deck/25745/
226.46 83 testplaying
marika waifu deck, without the one marika change into level 2 marika to make dress look marika stronger (raku's fiance, marika has raku in her name) use adlib to recharge your stock consider a raku support card to be safe
183.37 184 testplaying
block encoring with your climax cards to gain an advantage over your opponent level 0 try to trade as hard and as much as possible to get them to decrease their hand size. the more cards they play the better, you can crush them at level 1. try not to leave anything alive unless it's in the backstage level 1 use amatsukaze and friends to wipe their field repeatedly. amatsukaze is 10k with the climax and should be able to take care of most threats. kiso prevents them from using backups and natori reverses any annoying strong cards. hopefully the game stalls here to drain their hand a little bit. use the backups to prevent common level 1 reversal tutors. level 2 should be more of level 1. amatsukaze should still be strong enough to kill most threats, but the event card can be used to empty the waiting room to prevent salvaging and give her another 2k. kiso-kai can fill remaining slots. use zuikaku to stop reversals level 3 is an extension of amatsukaze, yamato gives your field an even larger buff and heals. keep their field empty for game. deck is weaker against brainstorm and salvage, consider using hatsukaze COPY FROM /deck/25910/
165.68 87 testplaying
test deck for the new armored titan combo late game spam duel to prevent them from dealing soul damage at all. if they somehow get over the armored titan's incredible power, use the event to bring it back. try to preserve stock, the armored titan wall uses all the stock it generates every turn.
160.69 85 testplaying
deck testing out the new annie change card try to set up a hand of level 2 annies and level 3 annies. once they come into play, spam subjugation to prevent too much soul from going through. if you're lucky, they wont draw climaxes either and you should be able to wear them down. the deck is full of backups to protect annie, discarding titans for more power is ok too.
155.61 75 testplaying
Attack and trigger climaxes to maximize value with the new standby trigger and climax salvage. At level 3 assemble the full field for a massive swing, or just multiple copies of the others (not kasumi) for a different assortment of effects can replace "Heart-pounding Feelings" Tae with Friend of Saya, Natsuki
295.16 85 testplaying
spam rimi's event card (letter from kasumi) to optimize your hand and set up the next turn, while keeping your characters alive almost a waifu deck
175.18 97 testplaying
wall off your opponent every turn while building stock and cards for the kanan finisher level 0 strengthen your characters with the mari and collect "we want to shine" climaxes level 1 play the kanans and the climaxes repeatedly. if you are lucky, the climax salvage can maintain the constant climaxes. use the event to find pieces if needed. level 2 play the level 2+ maris and use it to play the other mari from your deck, or the kanan to make them stronger. punish their early 3s with the dia. level 3 begin the kanan assault with constant healing and restand if you can pay for it. hopefully your opponent's inability to reverse your characters can maintain a large hand size. for a budget deck, replace the level 3 kanan with the level 3 dia, and the level 2 mari with another level 2 dia. hold onto the stock and a thinner deck with the help of dia to stay alive. consider the "lost time" event card as well
188.41 98 testplaying