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First draft of my attempt to make what I believe to be a decent build focusing on Yukina endgame with Kasumi+Warehouse as the advantage engine for early/mid game. Without the Kasumi L0 PR it's a little slower in regards to what it could do in JP, but I'm really liking her and the event regardless due to it's ability to pretty much always hit a L1 or lower with the potential to hit a L3 if I'm really trying hard, though with Rimi Brainstorm and Kokoro Drop Search I shouldn't ever be hard up to get my Yukinas. Only other combo I'd potentially try would be mono-blue or B/Y, either or with the TD Yukina, which I really love. Both have their advantages, specifically with the non-reliance on Reversing, and I'm so close to just cutting Red and running with the B/Y, but I wanted to give this build a fair shot. Given Roselia is my favorite of the bands, and with Yukina being my favorite of the 5 (string me up now) I didn't want to look too far into other colors for the end game, but given her cost it's realistic that I'll only be able to resolve her ability once even with multiple copies to play, so I wanted to look into more of a "free" way to deal extra sources of damage, hence the Yellow with Kokoro for her Musashi. Arisa is a bit more of stretch to justify her inclusion, but I look at it in a variety of ways: She's Blue, so color helps given I have significantly less Blue than I originally planned to; She's a healer, which isn't too important given Yukina is too, but if I'm just tossing a 3 down to Heal anyway 9 times out of 10 (and to revisit earlier) I won't have enough stock for a second Yukina anyway so I'd prefer to drop an Arisa, as 2 stock is much easier to end on than 3 and thus would give me more damage sources without needing as much resource commitment. Would be much more keen to drop her to 1 or remove her entirely than I would be to drop Yukina or Kokoro down, but I digress. The 1 of Ako L1 is to push better numbers at 3 since I'm relying upon a Reverser, and also as a "free" hand filter during the course of the game given my only other outlet is Kokoro L0. Everything else is just the best cards I could think to include at their given Levels to help round out ratios and give me a solid early to mid game, while also giving me the ability to play around local and expected Metas with AOT and SAO still running around as top dogs, and P5, Gurren Lagann, and several others still being a viable threat to deal with. I mostly followed the mindset of: Keep characters around early game to net stock for later utility use and keep damage output, then play the mid game of "running my stuff in to deny you reverse combos" until end game, where hopefully I've maintained a decent amount of stock to try and close out with 1 or god forbid 2 Yukina, along with Kokoros and/or Arisa for cheaper damage sources. TLDR; Idk honestly. Kind of a ramble, kind of a giant attempt to justify the entirety of a deck lol. Mostly just searching for suggestions on both ratios and suggestions on cards I may have passed over without thinking of how useful they'd be in place of what I'm running. Any other comments, questions, suggestions, or anything of the sort are also welcome. Thanks!
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A pretty standard depiction of a Shiyoko deck. Not much more you can do to it, aside from changing a couple quantities and maybe a card or two for personal preference.
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What I consider to be the best (using the term lightly) Persona ver.E deck available, Yukiko is strong against decks that like to control what you play and how much, aside from Kantai due to the entirety of your climax trigger lineup being salvages.
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A simple deck combining the best elements of the English release(s) of Haruhi: the Alien trait and its support as well as the level 3 Haruhi.
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A deck that utilizes a powerful and plentiful early game to build stock, deal damage, and amass resources to help maintain a consistent line of play until the final turns of the game, where you can take 2 distinct finishers between effect damage or longevity and normal attack damage.
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