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293.25 16 testplaying
green splash yellow blue
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COPY FROM /deck/50148/
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asdasd COPY FROM /deck/32260/
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test build with new re edit cards
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I went 5-1 i have a bye card so i its actually 4-1 and a bye card, i was in the cut for the top 8 and got to play in the top 8 single elimination, my first opponent was project diva in the top 8 and he won, then i realized there was an technical error in our match, when i saw him play again fighting for finals he played Hatsune Miku "Siren"(PD/S29-E034) and the card's effect is "【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a 《Music》 character, put it into your stock. If it is not, put that card into your clock" he revealed a climax and he says the effect and didn't mention if it was not a music character it will be put to the clock and i only realized this because his opponent called it on his match. this happened in my match it was around when he was lvl 2 and i was still in lvl 1 , i know it may not have an impact in the game through out but considering i pushed him to level 3 with 6 in clock it may have really a big impact during that game, oh well its also my fault for not checking the cards effect and i hardly know any cards of the project diva set. i didn't call him out because i thought it was my fault for not noticing in the first place but i'm quite disappointed in the judges for not noticing this misplay may it be unintentional or not, so i lost when he canceled almost all of my attacks and burns from yami because he used the free fresh to refresh his deck and it was a misplay on my part for not knowing the free fresh counter, overall i had fun i won a deckbox of AOT in a raffle and also received a top 8 mat which is pretty cool considering i like shiyoko (shiyoko = weiss god). So it was a fun experience players where having fun and all in all it was a good tournament. maybe next time in the top 8 the matches should be recorded just in case. BSR Staff and Judges please have a sense of security in the matches like what you did in the deck checking before the top 8 matches , it wouldn't hurt to record the games like you did in 2015 and 2016. i may just me a pussy just because i didn't called him out but i don't want to ruin the atmosphere of the tournament he might get a technical DQ but that won't make me happy. sorry for the long rant :D anyway congrats to all players.
306.97 55 testplaying 【5-2】 98 participants
Best of 3 1.TLR vs Fate(rin/archer/gilgamesh) 2-0 2.TLR vs LLSS(B/Y) 2-1 3.TLR vs KanColle(Y/R) 2-0 4.TLR vs Monogatari(R/G) 2-1 Held @Topdeck Cagayan de Oro City. Mostly won most of game because of the Darkness counter.
297.97 34 testplaying 【4-0】 6 participants
test build
187.55 95 testplaying
TLR vs Fate(masters deck) TLR vs KanColle(mono blue) TLR vs Monogatari(yellow)
299.84 204 testplaying 【3-0】 4 participants
293.59 85 testplaying
298.59 77 testplaying
319.23 155 testplaying