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This deck is PPP exclusive, only splashing cards that play into the theme.
232.31 113 testplaying
Milky Police deck. Its ok.
336.50 69 testplaying
Interesting deck. Plays a little like a bad Milky Holmes?
328.37 92 testplaying
This set is way under-powered, even with the English exclusive cards. However, this deck seems solid enough(?). Might try to find a way to squeeze in 4 runner and 2-3 of the 1/0 backrow that adds a level and 500 on opp turn.
95 testplaying
Dropped the 2/2 Laharl cxc for the 1/0 wolf cxc, and cut the Laharl&Mao to 2. COPY FROM /deck/10248/
66 testplaying
Rabbit House with a few "tech" card (not really tech, so much as playing against my local meta).
428.84 173 testplaying
Y/B/R deck. I prefer the hand+ at level 1 over any of the current "meta" builds. The level 3 game is pretty all-in.
321.08 50 testplaying
Trying way too hard to compress the deck, we went with 4-ofs for all of the memory cards. Not running the early play Rinne is probably bad, but the deck eats stock, and runs 4 Scuderia's Wish event, so I feel like there is enough early heal. If nothing more, it at least looks fun?
184.55 135 testplaying
This deck functions off of start up abilities, so going heavy on the backups seemed like the right plan. May drop 1 0/0 Vivio backup for a 3rd copy of 1/1 Sacred Heart event. I understand that there are only 4 level 3's. The only other way I could see to add any relevant level 3's for the deck would be to add some green at level 0 (maybe exchange the rest/boost for the Einhart rest/boost?), and drop the 2/2 Rio for the 3/2 Einhart clock kick.
227.92 152 testplaying
Stick 3x early plays, and protect them. Might cut the 2/1 backup in favor of another 2/1 Fuuka.
513.73 51 testplaying
This might be where the set is at, currently. Trying to run a costless level 1 game at this point, aside from Yuji anti-burn (really, the only reason to play the deck outside of waifu factor). I feel like bonds are probably better than the 2/2 CXC right now, and the 2/1 Wilhelmina can be really rough for opponent's to deal with, as many decks can't handle strong level 2's without an early play, and she is probably 13.5 (11.5 with costless 1/0 still beats Rem, etc.) on backup. Your experience requirement is never more than 5, so only playing 7 level 3's is fine with all of the level 2's. I prefer the re-stand to the burn-1 Shana at level 3, because its a healer, costs the same (3 stock during cxc is still 3 stock during cxc), and it is a little easier to manage the soul for perfect damage opportunities at level 3 with the 2k1. The 2/1 change is only for situations where you can afford the loss of hand and stock (maybe you're stuck with extra climaxes in hand, or REALLY need the early heal). Its not meant to be used in every game.
303.03 82 testplaying
May take out the 2x 1/1 chibi for 2x the 1/1 chuuni who can't be reversed by cost 0.
442.93 301 testplaying