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Built a little Red/Yellow deck based around Tenga/Chidori/Nico. It uses loads of salvage to get the cards and stock you want for level 3, and then slaps down a Level 3 Tenga Bodyguard in centre slot. Combined with backrow Nico, and a full board, and you have a 15,500 Tenga with 2 souls and Bodyguard. This allows you to drop a Level 3 Nico on the left and a Level 3 Chidori on the right, you combo with Nico to give everyone burn and then use Chidori's effect to preheat, which allows you to burn through a minimum of a potential 7 climaxes, increasing to a potential full 8 if you get a shot trigger. If somehow they survive this onslaught, you counter with your Level 3 counters to heal if they're weaker than you, which they will be because they'll be forced to attack the 15,500 Tenga you have in the centre, with each counter you play giving him an extra +3500, placing him at 19k after the first attack, and 26k after the 3rd attack. You can then just swing into them next turn with your 2 souls level 3's, they'll struggle to cancel and if you can pull off the Nico burn combo again it should be a guaranteed win. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, suggest improvements if you have any, hopefully this deck works out well for you. EDIT 05/10/16: Removed 2 TD Chidori's, in favour of 2 Level 0 Chidori's that give +1000 power to level 0's, which combo's with the Level 1 0 Cost Nico who get's -1 Level on stage. Removed all 4 copies of the level 2 Nico in favour of 2 more level 1 Chidori contracters, another Level 3 Nico and event.
210.70 92 testplaying 4 comments
Sweets deck created in preparation for the release of Nisekoi EB Ver.E. Please don't nerf the EB cards Bushiroad!
560.37 71 testplaying
Untested Chitoge deck I'm working on. Trying to build a pure Chitoge deck which is hard as there are so many great Marika cards I'm having to skip on. I'll build this and try it out at my local when I have the few remaining cards I need. Will report back here with the results and make any changes I think I might need.
334.37 120 testplaying
Just a test I threw together.
342.59 90 testplaying
A test deck.
596.14 111 testplaying
Just a test.
103 testplaying