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This is my official build for Titans as of spring 2017. I am one of the most competitive titan players and I have been testing this build vs every EN build out now. This is factoring TLR and RZ as a JP deck but for now we are focusing on EN so only TLR will matter. If you need some deck match-ups and my help contact me. I am going to try to continue to push this deck up in terms of popularity and hope to win with it.
218.93 86 testplaying 2 comments 【5-0】 24 participants
I hate Kantai, the show is pointless. But I used the deck cause my Titans ate too much last night and got sick. Shoutouts to Tyler2022 and Sean Imperial for helping me create this deck by combining my cards with theirs. This deck was not me winning, this was Houston community winning through me.
89 testplaying 【9-1】 150 participants
This deck is very very glass cannon. 11th during 2016 springfest and won a bunch of locals with top 4 but this was when I went undefeated. Dont recommend to anyone unless you love Titans as much as me
213.83 100 testplaying 【4-0】 18 participants
Ideal corps build after a year of testing and current meta, subject to change
500.00 69 testplaying