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Pierce the Heavens
443.53 8 testplaying
608.24 16 testplaying
561.75 24 testplaying
Who needs events anyway?
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Make Nisekoi great again in 2018
276.09 24 testplaying
Cool with a splash of Passion and Cute
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Hey guys! This is Cameron Becker with my Top 8 deck profile for Nisekoi (R/B/G). The deck profile can also be found on my YouTube channel: Here are the match-ups that I had: Round 1: Sword Art Online (W) Round 2: Nisekoi (R/B/G) mirror (W) Round 3: Attack on Titan (Corps) (W) Round 4: Attack on Titan (Mono-Blue Titans) (L) Round 5: Nisekoi (R/B) (W) Round 6: Kantai Collection (W) Round 7: Kantai Collection (W) Top 8: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls (Mono-Blue) (L) I know Springfest 2016 was quite a while ago, but I figured I would post this anyway. I'm always working on different deck profiles for Nisekoi, so any comments, questions, or recommendations are welcome!
278.32 130 testplaying 【6-2】 100+ participants