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Miku (PD) Waifu

Miku-Centric - Mono Green (+2 blues)
233.50 2 testplaying
COPY FROM /deck/58683/
410.32 3 testplaying
410.32 3 testplaying
220.40 7 testplaying
Ver 1: Used Glory 3usi9 combo at 1. Was Blue/Green. Didn't like the early play condition on the Miku. Ver 2: Removed early play Miku and splashed red for the early play Luka instead as the top x is really strong for this deck. Ver 3: Removed Glory 3usi9 combo and replaced it with Time Machine. I didn't want any combo at level 1, but there's no solid draw engines in Miku aside from Cantarella CXC and that's honestly kinda eh. I'm a little concerned about eating a fuck tonne of damage due to direct attacks, but I think Miku can come back well enough to deal with that. Gonna be testing this build for a bit. Ver 4: Removed drop climax salvage because I like playing climaxes and have enough hand filter anyway with the brainstormer's first effect. Removed 2/1 backrow as I found it pretty irrelevant. Removed 1 slayer as 3 was too many. Added 2 drop salvagers as I no longer had a good means of salvage. Added a leafa counter for pinch situations where it could save a character or help me cancel. Added 2/1 anti change clock slayer to deal with early plays during my turn as well as opponents. Ver 5: Removed 0/0 Slayer didn't do enough. Removed 0/0 Meiko, didn't do enough. Added 3 of 0/0 top checker and 1 of 0/0 2nd set slayer for cool late game applications. Removed leafa counter and added freefresh because Lee makes a good point.
548.55 9 testplaying
COPY FROM /deck/58525/
357.08 3 testplaying
COPY FROM /deck/58523/
357.08 3 testplaying
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380.32 9 testplaying
COPY FROM /deck/52352/
410.16 4 testplaying
Deck in Testing.
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