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Miku (PD) Waifu

579.94 2 testplaying
600.31 3 testplaying
Just a bunch of leeks. Nothing much to see here.
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COPY FROM /deck/80421/
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COPY FROM /deck/87360/
540.95 8 testplaying
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Running Unhappy Refrain 'cause I love Miku's Agitation outfit. The support's kinda shitty, but at least you can bring them both out with the CC. I really like Future Style Rin. The Knife combo is really solid and I love the costumes. The song's ok though. Two-Faced Lovers was the song that I really like playing on F 2nd and the song that I practiced a lot to clear on arcade. It was also what got me into all the rhythm games at the arcade too. The song and costume isn't anything special, but it's kinda just been something I've gotten attached to. Two-Faced Lovers is the endgame character, no level 3's. MitchieM is my favorite vocaloid producer so running Freely Tomorrow was obligatory, even if it's not that good. PinocchioP is a close second. Slow Motion is also a pretty good card. Miracle Paint is pretty shitty but I love the song. 3/2 signed Miku is good because I love Hatsune Miku™. 3/9 event because it's 3/9 and it's janky. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru is obligatory meme and decent. 20181110: The Unhappy Refrain is really bad. Kaito is basically useless and Miku has no other effect besides the Climax Combo. The Len is decent since it gives a global buff and can save someone but once you have the Double-Sided Lovers and Sunflower Rin up you don't really need him. I'm probably gonna have to cut it out and just leave the one Miku. On the other hand, the Knife combo is great. The event easily lets you get all three of them and the Sunflower Rin just sits at 9500. Double-Sided Lovers also worked incredibly well. Since you can run 8 copies it's pretty easy to get multiple copies on board. One game I was able to get three out and charge 6 cards to stock and eventually my waiting room was only 5 climaxes. Interestingly enough, the 3/9 event is viable since Double-Sided Lovers charges so much, but I'll leave it at 1 right now since it's kinda gimmicky.
220.54 7 testplaying
Miku test
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