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Megumin Waifu

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I will bomb you
account_circleMono Red Suba
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OTK launch condition : - Having 9 cards after clock draw - A chara in the back row - At least 4 stock (or 7 for the full combo) - Having both Freeze and Explosion in hand (can be bond both of them) - Having the stock soul climax and either Megumin/Luna or 2 Luna in your hand - And of course, your opponent must be lv1 at 4~6 damages How to proceed : Step 1 : Play Freeze and discard 3 cards, you have now an additional turn, 5 cards in hand and 3 stock (Lv2) Step 2 : Play Explosion and discard a Megumin character, you dealt 6 times 1 damage and have now 3 cards and 2 stock (Lv3) Step 3 : Play Luna and search for the second lv3 Megumin then play Megumin and aim for a random climax, attack 3 times with a climax, you have now 1 card in hand and 3 stock (make sure that you have 2 or 3 targets in the opponent front row, for ex by siding) Step 4 : Play the second Megumin and play the stock soul climax, you have 2 stock at the attack phase thank to the climax and you can do the combo twice Step 5 : Your opponent cancelled everything gg Damage count : 6 times 1 damage, then 3 attacks, so 3 times ~2 damages, 2 clock kick and 2 burn 4, then 1 attack at ~2 damages Probable total : 24 damages Overview : If you launch the OTK when your opponent is lv1 and have 5 damages then : --> After Explosion event, he probably would be lv 2 with 2~3 damages --> After 3 attacks he may be lv2 with 5 damages or lv3 --> After the 2 clock kick, lets say that he's probably lv3 now --> With the remaining 2x burn 4 and the direct attack at 3 damages the odds that you can finish your opponent isnt that bad Note : If you cannot place the OTK, just play normally as a rush deck. You can forget Freeze, MAYBE consider using Explosion to fast access to lv3 then do the combo twice. Then try to finish with your 8 costless 2 soul chara. Otherwise, just play normally, do the Yunyun combo lv1 and use your 2 soul base chara to rush your opponent and finish him with lv3 combo. Hope you will enjoy it Tokano
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account_circleD Nguyen
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1/0 set 1 Yunyun art is pre ugly
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