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You don't need to run 4 rikkis and 4 runners seriously.... Would cut the runner for a 3rd suzuha. Playing 2 drop searchers helped open okabe when I didn't have him or find a missing combo piece. Normally I end the game with 1 kurisu 1 moeka and an okabe generally enough damage and instances. Didn't really have stock issues I didn't spam the level swap effect all the time. Generally you put yellow, red then blue you swap green for lvl 3 if needed. Matchups R1 Rezero Just walled out my opponent and double kurisu for game. He also didn't have such a good game died before my final swing. R2 Fate Apo Walled out his traps with my kurisu and cancelled more. R3 Band Dream Roseila He had a bad game so ended up not being able to yukina and he stock swapped and all my cx was on the bottom so I still triple cancelled. R4 DITF Basically had 4 instances of damage when my opp is 3/5 but cancelled on 2 each time.. Top 4 Rewrite Game was ok, playtested the match a lot so I had to hold the bounce okabe to deal with his lvl 3 board. I just crashed my board before his lvl 3 turn so I could avoid his burn 2 on reverse and use the the end game board above to hit him from 3/1 to game after he lost 2 cx after his refresh. Finals Same DITF guy I lost hard. he was lvl 1 when I hit lvl 3.
2308.18 17 testplaying 【3-1 in Swiss then top 4 elimination】 16 participants
Also placed 1st during Last Chance Qualifier the day before with this deck. Matchups 1. RZ Loss 2. Nanoha Win 3. KS Win 4. DC Win 5. DC Win Top 8 SMP Win Top 4 NGL Win Final LLSS Win
371.21 20 testplaying 【7-1】 30 participants
account_circlejack kevil
244.91 30 testplaying 【5-0】 20 participants
506.96 15 testplaying 【4-2】 48 participants
R1: Win vs Konosuba Door/StockSoul R2: Win vs Sword Art Online Bar/Standby R3: Win vs Love Live Sunshine StockSoul/Door R4: Loss vs Attack on Titan Wind/2k1 R5: Win vs Fate Apocrypha Book/Door R6: Win vs Bang Dream Door/Pants R7: Win vs Bang Dream Door/Pants Top 8: Win vs Bang Dream Door/Pants Top 4: Win vs Sword Art Online Bar/Standby Top 2: Loss vs Bang Dream Door/Pants
547.55 25 testplaying 【8-2】 69 participants